Switch cards using Today View widget or Force Touch - iOS

It would be nice to have the ability to quickly switch cards without having to go into the app.

Ideally, being able to do it via a Today View widget would save the most time as you could switch cards without even having to unlock the phone.

Alternatively, being able to do it via a Force Touch on the app’s icon would also save a bit of time.

Not sure if Android offers a similar solution.

It does.

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These are some really valid points.
This is bothered me for some time and as consequence, I tend not to use the Curve card but use ApplePay as it’s faster.
I hope Curve sees how sorting this will change the game.

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Please consider a Curve Widget to select which card you wish Curve to use, this would be far more slick and efficient than opening app. I am sure Android must have an equivalent.

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Perfect Poeliev, same in principle but with more detail😃