Support for Multi-Currency Cards



I also really would like multi-currency support (which is also partially discussed and voted for here and here).

After thinking about @Curve_Marie 's point regarding regulatory considerations, I realized that a simple pass-through might really not be feasible. However, a feasible compromise between that, and annoying manual currency switching, might be as follows:

Provide multiple-choice currency selection for every card, with one currency still marked default for transactions not covered by the multiple-choice selection.


@Curve_Marie was talking about general considerations during product development. Unless I missed something, no one said there was any problem from a regulatory standpoint with always passing through the original currency to the underlying card, in fact PayPal does just that.

We are basically talking about having an automated rule system to decide in what currency the charge will be made to the underlying card instead of the user selecting and changing manually each time. There is no difference between the two from a regulatory standpoint


Agreed that there was no explicit mention of compliance issues for this scenario by her. I still think these might be implicated, though, since Curve can only charge cards in a limited set of currencies from what I understand. To me, that implies that they might currently not be able to process a MYR charge without converting it to one of the supported currencies.* The situation would still be improved compared to the current, of course, if you could set a card to NOT convert any supported currencies (GBP, EUR, USD, …), and to only convert unsupported ones (like MYR) to a “default” one (e.g. EUR) that still has to be chosen for the card.

*If they could do this, like e.g. PayPal, then of course that would be even better – but I feel like that might be a bigger issue than just changing the code/logic of the app.


No, youre not understanding it correctly. It’s the exact opposite, they can only do fx for those “supported” currencies. For currencies not on that list they’ll pass through the original currency. The only thing missing is a button to always pass through the currency even when it is a currency they support for fx. That page is severely outdated