Support for Cornèrcard Miles & More "prepaid" MasterCard issued on behalf of Affiniture (Diners Club UK)

@Curve_Ivo, it’s now 34 days since you promised one week. Please could you give an update.

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Curve really do have a habit of shouting about things they think people will like, then going into complete radio silence when there’s any setback. Delays are always going to happen in any product development, but the lack of even a “sorry, it’s taking a bit longer than we expected” doesn’t exactly endear you to the company.


Indeed. Curve are totally lacking in effective communications…

They seem to be completely unaware that admitting when you’re wrong or you’ve made a mistake or something hasn’t gone to plan is a million times better than trying to bury your mistakes…

Just ask any Project Manager who used RAG reporting and failed to deliver a project on time or budget…

We are sorry for not replying earlier :pensive: We were confident this issue would have been solved until now, however, due to unexpected delays this is something that we are currently working on. I do apologise for this and I know that it is very frustrating when we don’t deliver what we promise. Sometimes we get too excited and announce some our projects too early. We will make sure to get better at that in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Curve_Aleca :slight_smile: . For what it’s worth, I don’t think the issue is announcing things early or the occurrence of delays, but rather the lack of communication when they don’t go to plan. I like hearing about things that are coming up, but I work in a startup myself and fully understand that sometimes things get delayed. A simple post like yours a few weeks ago would have been great.


I don’t have this card, but surely it should be as simple as adding a BIN to a database?

There shouldn’t really be any work involved other than designing the card logo.

I can’t see why it would take this long to add a BIN to a database, there shouldn’t be any coding changes required for this task.

I’m sure people wouldn’t mind a generic card image.

Very well put. It should be a config change, not a code change. If it does require a code change, then Curve has some architectural issues, as BINs should not be hard-coded.

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My reading on it is that they outsource their BIN checking to an external provider, and that they are/were in the process of switching providers, which would require code changes. It still doesn’t explain the delay though. Of course this is all speculation due to Curve’s aforementioned silence.


You are perfectly right @podgib We will try to improve our communication in the future and let you know more often if we have any news or not! Thank you for your understanding :blush:


I don’t have much detail about the technical side of this process @stevenhp1987. We have been told that we are still working on it and it should be done soon. Sorry for the delay, I will make sure to keep updating this post :call_me_hand:

Good news! I got a helpful reply from Curve just now, suggesting to me to try adding the card. I’ve just tried it and it works.

The next problem is how to do the card verification process easily and quickly, whereby Curve charges a small amount to the card with a code in the transaction reference, because Diners Club neglects to show pending transactions, only completed transactions.

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Oh, that is an awkward one :confused: I hope you find a way…

I have just added the cornercarduk Mastercard and is was verified without a pending charge and I have used it with my Curve Black as the underlying card and it has worked and the payment is showing on the app.


It’s a shame that, despite having had the benefit of 3 months to add support for this card, Curve has not managed to apply a bespoke card image.

If there an imagine missing, please send it to :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Curve_Marie, but it wouldn’t have been much effort for Curve to have obtained an image from the link I gave above, where an image is at

The task itself is pretty straight forward, however, there’s a reason for requesting it via the email. We are building and growing rapidly, which requires processes to be efficient. It may be one card image, but it also requires resources that are already employed in the ongoing design and products sprints. Please use the dedicated email so we can queue it up and make it happen.

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I sent an e-mail to addmycard on January 3rd and still haven’t got any response or the picture in the app. Is it really that quick, then? It would be a way better option if users could set their private card images directly in the app with an option of submitting them to go public. Then, even if it wasn’t approved by the team, it would remain available for that one user who submitted the image.

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I think that is a really good idea! Have asked our UX designer about how feasible it would be. Will let you know what he says. This idea hasn’t been suggested in the Ideas category yet - hint, hint :wink:

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Hi everybody :slightly_smiling_face: Can someone please try adding a Miles & More card to their account and let me know if it works or not? :raised_hands: