Spend PayPal balance with Curve?

Hey! I really love my Curve! But there’s one feature I feel like would make it even better. PayPal support. I’m thinking, that you could authorise Curve with your PayPal account, and you could select PayPal as one of the “cards” in the app. It would be an excellent option for people outside of US, which can’t get the PayPal Cash Card!!

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Just to get a better understanding, what situations would you use Paypal as an underlying payment card where you wouldn’t just use that underlying card directly with Curve?


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Hey! I meant the situation, when you have balance on PayPal (e. g. received from someone), you connect the PayPal account to your curve account, and from there you can spend PayPal balance via your Curve card (just as you paid with PayPal online)

Ah that’s a good point, I hadn’t considered that (I clearly don’t use Paypal myself :joy:). I’ve passed on your feedback to the product team and maybe it’s something they can work towards :raised_hands:

Thanks again!


Given that PayPal is now in the process of removing their MasterCard from territories outside the USA, I think this would be the perfect time to introduce payments from the PayPal account.

Yeah ikr!!!

+1 I like it, means I can spend paypal vouchers and payments on the go without bank transfering first.

Also link paypal credit !

Have changed category to Ideas so people can vote. Personally I just move any PayPal balance I have (eg from ebay sales) to my bank account.

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There is also possibility that one can use paypal credit using curve

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Not a bad idea, but Curve would act as a merchant here and PayPal is known for charging outrageous merchant fees. Simply not viable

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Would be a easy way to get American Express back to curve, as AmEx is within paypal possible I would be able to charge paypal which goes strait to my AmEx!

So then if I add my Curve card as funding source on Paypal, and then pay for something using Curve with Paypal as underlying “card”, the universe will basically implode right?

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This was my thought too!

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I had the same thought and joined just to suggest it. I’m glad someone else is thinking the same way.

Perhaps I can provide a use case, which may be pretty unique to me but maybe it would be helpful for others:

We work in a fire station and we eat as a watch. People pay £12 a week to eat for four days. We have on average 9 people paying per week. Currently we take cash from members, put it in a money tin and then take what we need to spend.

This has worked well over the years, however there are a few drawbacks: People don’t always have cash on them, lots of change is accumulated as people don’t like taking lots of coins with them as well as the security of the money.

So what I would like is to setup a Paypal Money Pool where members will transfer money to the account and then we could link Paypal to a Curve Card and spend our Paypal balance to become hopefully a cashless operation.

We could setup a bank account and have members pay in to it, however PayPal Money Pools are easier to setup and easier for additional people to pay in to.