Sending money just got got a whole lot easier: Introducing Curve Send!

What mastercard payment api does it use to store card and send money?

It should have been launched with immediate transfers from the beginning but it is good to know you’re planning to do it faster :slight_smile:
I will not be using Curve Send as I already use PayPal and MBway and those already have a quite good adoption in Portugal.
It’s just a nice feature to use with other Curve users, and I don’t have any in my contacts :sweat_smile:

Did some test transfers to EEA and non-EEA cards and all arrived the next day. Not bad.

Way too slow for me. I want to click, send and it arrives.

3-4 days is so 1980’s

Just an FYI that any Virgin Money credit card (including the Virgin Atlantic cards) will treat Curve Send as a cash advance (and they will levy a fee)

Just sent a payment and my wife has received no message. How are you meant to transfer with no link. Why can’t I access the link again?
Please help. It seems faster payment is instant and much faster.

This seems to be by design, you have to share the link with the recipient yourself.

So how do I cancel the payment and try again? Can I send to someone’s visa card in South Africa. Someone was saying here they tried non eea cards and it worked. Many thanks

I just received a message in the app (and did some testing)…looks like it is still possible to send money to someone who does not have a Curve account, but the only way for this person to actually get the money now (and a £5 bonus for both the sender as the recipient) is by installing the Curve app and getting a Curve account.

I was wondering about it for a while now, thanks for the info :pray:

Surely that can’t be right? So you can only use curve send if the person signs up to curve. This feature is dead already if that is the case. Faster payment is 2 hours.

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There is no such option. But it’s been cancelled now. It drops off quite quickly. But in light of the other user has to sign up to curve means I won’t be using it. Why can’t I send it to any user?

Actually now there is an option to cancel the payment…have used it as part of my testing… :point_down:t2:

Transaction was cancelled on my underlying card and my money was back on my Revolut account within a couple of minutes.

Can I confirm the option to send to someone who does NOT have a Curve account is dropped?

If so this function is pretty useless to me.

Correct, you understand it right.


I received my first send from Curve from another Curve User.
He sent me 9€, but it was transferred to £ and then back to €.

Could you please check if the users settings are in €, then please do NOT change it to £ while sending?

I have already sent twice to non curve users and I found it strange that I need to copy the message to SMS/whatsapp or email.
Please create 3 or more icons on the app, so the users can select directly and after the message should be sent automatically.


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I have found a problem now that Curve Send works by sending funds straight to the other users Curve Cash… if that user has reached their spending limits then they cannot actually spend their Curve Cash!

My friend has to now Curve Send the money back to me and I will use a different method to transfer to them.

Why is Curve Cash included in the spending limits?

When I tried I couldn’t send to curve cash!

So my mate got this pop up when he opened Curve just now (I don’t).

We tried sending some money to each other to try it out.

To my amazement it worked instantly and the money got saved to my Curve Cash account.

Perfect. This is how it should have worked originally.

Very happy now.

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