Sell adverts in app

Yes, what you are saying is very true, but I think it has more do to the size difference of companies (amex has travel, insurance etc.). Certainly, majority of the ads in the amex app are linked to their internal sites or partner offers, but they also do have links to third party sites and it shows ads are a proven concept in a card app, which many has said it’s not possible. Through the example of the ads in Amex, we can see there is at least one way to do it, by showing internal ads and vetted partnerships, something that Curve can also consider?
About the Google affiliated ads, I am not too sure how it can be implemented, and yes, the amex styled ads are a very different model.

as long as the ad is not too invasive, maybe just 1 small ad per session

after all it will help Curve financially

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I have about 250 apps on my phone. Very very few have ads. If they do, I uninstall them.

I never install apps with ads if I can help it.

The small revenue Curve could generate from ads would probably be offset by the customers uninstalling the app.

I’m an investor. No ads.


Sounds like a willy waving competition. I’m an investor so that means I have more say. Nope nope nope.

Let me tell ya a huge secret. Even if we all pulled all our shareholdings together into one and went to the AGM do you think we would have much of a say? Nope as the VC and the owner of the company have a lot more shares then we do. Sooooooo. Let’s stop the crapola yeah?

Please note to the above poster it’s not meant personally but I’ve seen this quite a few times and it’s like :roll_eyes:. So I’m sorry it was your post I responded to but it’s meant generally.


I’m an investor, I want ads for free cash back on spending at specified retailers, free lounge access based on spend level in specific categories, free premium membership giveaways and other perks that are absolutely free without any strings attached. :smile:


Sounds good to me lol :+1::grin:

Great we all have different opinions. You want pop ups and ads for a few quid saving. Great.

You do. I don’t.


Who are you referring to?

I’m referring to nobody.

I don’t want ads. Others do.

That’s what forums are for. Discussion.