Samsung Pay

Have you tried without the SIM card in?

This was a trick that worked to get apps from other Galaxy Stores

Thanks for the tip.
Just tried it but did not work.

How did you manage to make the app work?

That’s the main issue. It always gives back a connection error or wants to update (which does not work).

Is your Samsung Account set to UK?

Delete app data and allow permissions to memory (at app info from Samsung Pay in the settings). After two tries (open and close the app again), it worked for me and I did not receive a connection error anymore.

So its working now?

Only the Samsung Pay app (adding membership cards e.g.). I still can not add the curve card (unsupported card).

Yeah app is working. But everytime I tap on something it goes back to connection issues…

Already tried with VPN?

Nop, Deutschland.

German Phone, hardware and Samsung Account.

Same here.tomorrow I will try with vpn. Samsung pay is oficially not sputtered in my country.

App is working fully now, setup a PIN etc. No idea why.

However, I still cannot add Curve and basically everything is in USD for the US market.

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Only UK customers apparently.

yeah but why is it working for you? :smile:

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Keine Ahnung :face_with_monocle::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

When did you get your Curve? Maybe it depends on the manufacturing date or something?

In the UK, but since I moved here I’ve replaced it twice. Meaning it shouldn’t have a UK BIN I guess

I don’t think Curve uses country specific BINs (like Revolut), I live in the Netherlands but as far as I can see my Curve Card has a UK BIN.

I guess (so just speculation) that somewhere in the backend you still show up as living in the UK and that is why you can use Samsung Pay with Curve though you are living in Germany now.

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Neither working for me with german curve blue, DBT CSC with or without VPN, tried installing the app through VPN, nothing worked. Hoping for Samsung pay with curve arriving in Germany in the near future.

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According to this post, I have a German BIN (537590). That would explain the error in the Samsung Pay App.


I live in the Netherlands and have exactly the same BIN (5375 9000). As far as I can see it’s a UK BIN. Check here or here for example. As far as I know Curve does not use country specific BINs.

It might be the case Curve uses one BIN for UK customers, but another BIN for non-UK customers (but the same BIN for all non-UK countries).

What is your BIN?