Round Up's

Hi - Will there be a facility for Round Up pots in the future, connected to all spending?

:wave: Hello @frazzlec and welcome to the community!

We haven’t planned on it yet, but I like the idea :smiley:

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I second that request! I’m loving my Curve already but having all the spare change going to a savings accounts would be a deal breaker.

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Great! Why don’t you press the vote button?! :wink:

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A lot of cards pay rewards per £ but round down. So eg if a card pays one point per £ and your transaction is 99p, you wouldn’t get anything, you would only get two points if your transaction is £2.99. With rounding up, Curve could charge the underlying card £3 on a £2.99 transaction and save the extra pence as Curve Cash. This would be something I would totally be up for.