Return of the Card Grid View please


The Card Grid View and the ability to rearrange cards was removed in the latest version of the app.

Please vote to show how important this was to you and that you’d like the functionality back.

It has been mentioned in the January Launch FAQ that it will be coming back but this voting page should hopefully show that it needs to come back sooner rather than later :slight_smile:


Carousel vs grid
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I believe it’s in the latest FAQs … i.e. to bring grid view back.

I loved it too especially the ability to rearrange the cards.

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I second this, the usability of the Curve app just took a major nosedive, as already explained in detail here. At a minimum we need to be able to sort the cards.



@Curve_Marie has already said it’ll be coming back in the January FAQ. It’s been mentioned many times.

I can’t find the grid view anymore where did the carrousel go?

The grid view was removed in the new version *(but we are planning on bringing it back due to many requests)



Thank you, I’m aware it’s in the FAQ.

I created this so that:

  • Everyone votes here rather than multiple threads asking where it has gone
  • The more buy-in this gets shows Curve how much this feature was used and it is hopefully implemented sooner, rather than later


We really need this view back, especially when you have many cards; the carousel view is just not the same compared to grid view. Also for marketing reasons, when someone says “wow that’s a nice card” and you try to show them what it does, the grid view wins hands down…

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When is grid view coming back and the ability to organise cards in the way you want them as it doesn’t let you and it can be annoying when you like grouping certain cards together


January Launch FAQs

I’d have to agree with the others, the app has taken a massive step back with recent updates.

The loss of grid view makes it easier to just carry all my cards and take the correct one out my wallet, scrolling through lots of cards is just slow and clunky.

Being back grid!

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Grid back as a list not as good as before and not able to organise them is not good either as you might want to have the cards you use the most on the left or top of the list and use least often on he right or bottom of the list but the curve app just randomly placed them jumbled up and a list view does not change the fact you can’t reorganise them.

I want the ability to move a card from the middle to top of the list bring back an editable grid or list please