Rental deposit


Maybe it is a stupid question, but this is not very clear for me.
From the FAQs I get that for hotel and rental deposits, follows copy/paste “If the deposit is more than £150, yes.
Curve will automatically assume that charges from hotels or car rental agencies over £150 are deposits. We treat these transactions differently to all others, putting a hold on payment capture, so Curve effectively acts like a credit card would”

So, my question is:
It seems this is for UK users that have the money in pounds, but What about with other users with other currencies? Should I estimate this 150 pounds equals 150 dolars when I am in USA; or 150 euros when I am in Germany; or in my case which exchange rate should I apply to danish kroner to know if the deposit it is gonna go through or not?
(I hope it makes any sense what I am saying…) :slight_smile:


Yes, you just need to convert £150 to whatever currency the transaction is in (even if the funding card were say in Canadian Dollars or Euros). So for example, if my card were in Canadian Dollars and I were using my Curve card in the US, it would just put a hold on the transaction if it were over US$190 or the equivalent to CAD$256 (which is around £150).


thanks for the answer Canadianspruce :slight_smile:


I’d suggest to decrease the deposit limit to 100€ for petrol pumps since in Italy (can’t say for other countries) they’re used to preauthorize 101€ and then refund the difference between 101€ and the actual fuel cost. This difference is available on funding card only when the transaction expires (1 week for Revolut, can’t say for other banks) and this is not good since refueling more times per week makes us blocking so much money.