Refunds: what we used to do, and how we’ve fixed it

@SingingDwarf you sure are right, problem is that when It works the way your said (separate transaction for refund) instead of lowering the total you spent that month, it gets added to. So you spent €500 and then get totally refunded , you’ll see a total spent of €1000.
It works correctly when they update the original transactions.

I’m confused - I thought the point of this was so that the refund was displayed as a separate transaction? Simply changing the old transaction was the old behaviour…!

It is still not good enough. I had a partial refund for a transaction and the app shows the amount of the refund.

It should show the difference.


Nice :slight_smile:

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You have not fixed it. You actually made it worse. I’d like to hear thoughts from your product owner who suggested such fix. Just terrible.

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It’s definitely not fixed.

Partial refunds on pre-authorisation corrections are still f*ed up in the Curve app. They STILL don’t show properly.

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Preauths that then cancel also don’t seem to get removed?


Basically they haven’t got a clue how to handle pre-authorisations so they’re pretending it’s all fine, when it really isn’t.

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Exactly. I have 30+ days old pending transactions messing up my spending history.

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I even have AUTHs from 2019 that never got removed from the timeline. Same with refunds.

Can we please make this the top priority @Curve_Marie ?
I have AUTHs still shown as pending 8days later which are clearly removed. Right now I need to click on send email receipt to know the correct price since the timeline is incorrect for almost all transactions.


Hey guys, reversals won’t drop off your Curve timeline at the moment. Our team are working on bringing this feature back, or returning it to normal I should say, as quickly as possible. I know it’s quite confusing but bear with us.


For me partial refunds, at least in my main currency (PLN), still don’t work properly.

They only show proper amount of refunded money in the notification. In the app refunds shows full amount from original transaction.

Both myself and my partner having issues with refunds - in terms of the way they are displayed but also in the way they have been processed.

For example, I have a transaction that was refunded from one supplier and neither the outgoing or refunded amount show in Curve (it does show on my CC bill however). I have other transactions from the same supplier which show fine.

My partner has multiple transactions to and from Asda which do not show on her curve account, which has made locating a refund extremely confusing.

When trying to reconcile expenses, your current method of not displaying separate refund transactions just makes it harder than it needs to be. Particularly when currency is involved. Please show separate transactions, their dates and values. By all means show this information on the original transaction too, but not in replacement of.

For clarity, these issues occur well before the Wirecard issue.

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@Laox - Check this update Wirecard: Updates :slight_smile:

Please see @Mattia’s post above. We’ll send out an email with more information about refunds ASAP


For questions about refunds and regarding Wirecard, please post them here so we can collect them all: Wirecard: Refunds

Update: Rebuilding refunds: how will refunds work moving forward?