Refunded transactions details


I have kind of a problem with refunds. When a payment is refunded Curve marks it as refunded and the originally paid amount is not visible anymore. But the reality is that in my credit card statement I will see a charge and a refund, probably with different dates, and it is difficult to reconcile. Couldn’t be possible to keep, for information purpose only, the original amount for refunded transactions? Original amount, payment date and refund date would be important information to keep.

Other related problem is that there is no way to look for refunded transactions using the filters. The amount is useless since there is no amount any more, and maybe you want to see what refunds you got, not just checking one specific, so a filter for “refunded transactions” would be very useful.



Additionally I suggest something simmilar for partial refunds. I have some payments that the initial charge and the final price don’t match.

In that cases I receive a partial refunding, so I see the final figures (not zero like in your case) in my Curve listing and the REFUNDED label but i cannot see the real dates and figures for each single transaction


Hi @JesusM & @g_glnx :wave: Welcome to our Community! :grin:

Great ideas from both of you! :raised_hands: I definitely agree with you that refunds could appear better in the app and should have some sort of tag to make them searchable and filterable.

I’ve passed on your feedback to our product team :smiley:


I’d like to add a ‘Me Too’ on this - I often stay in USA hotels which have this annoying habit of charging and refunding things during the stay - it’s a nightmare to actually reconcile all the amounts together when this happens.


Agreed with this issue. Needs to be sorted as it makes the refund process somewhat rubbish in understanding.

Hey Rocky, I can see John passed on our the feedback to our product team :grin: this will be something we look at for the future!

I think so :+1:

I first bought this as a backup card when travelling, I could magically turn the card into any account I have whilst travelling if I lost any of my main travel cards, awesome backup feature, for example I once had a fraud case with a credit card while travelling, so my credit card had to be cancelled, I was spending all my money through my credit but if I had a Curve card I would not have needed to pay £50 to Fed Ex myself the new credit card from UK to Vietnam, I could have just used Curve to input my new digits from a relative in the UK, onto my Curve card, job done.

Recently I began using Curve for EVERY purchase online, I liked the idea of having just one card out there, in the online stratosphere, then, if I ever have any issues with fraud, I have only one card I need to cancel not multiple different cards.

If I am buying something online, if it’s a business purchase i just open the curve app, flick over to my business card and make the purchase, with my curve card, if it’s a bill to pay i flick over to my bank account for paying bills, if it’s groceries online from asda, i will flick over to my personal bank account. you get the idea.


i will no longer be using Curve online, just as a backup when travelling.

my experience with returns is concerning and stressful.

for example.

i will buy some items from amazon, let’s say, 2 t shirts and a pair of trainers, total cost of £120, i choose the t shirt that fits, and then later on i return the item that doesn’t fit. so i return 1 t shirt. amazon send me a refund of £30 for the returned t shirt.

Multuple times now when I have waited over 7-10 days which is the amazon refund time, and i have not received a refund from curve, i then contact curve, and then curve say hello and ask me which card they should make the return to. THIS IS VERY CONCERNING. Why is it Curve are only processing this refunds 10 days or so after the event only when I am messaging them, what would happen if I didn’t message them, it’s concerning and stressful I feel like I need to keep track of all the refunds happening, I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon and maybe 1-2 returns a week happening and i feel i am always having to check and chase Curve regarding these refunds.

Another problem regarding refunds is that if i buy some items on Amazon let’s say for £120, and I return 1 item, say, the t shirt, for £30, Curve do not know to which card on my curve card this was processed due to it being a different amount than the original purchase.

On one transaction, they just processed it to a different card on my Curve card, a business card instead of my personal card, which then mixes up my taxes having random refund transactions appearing on my bsuiness account.

all in all it’s a big mess with refunds and not worth the hassle for me anymore.

a very simple solution would be to just have an in app notification saying ‘hey we have a refund to process but we don’t know which card to put it on’ every time this happens. rather than either putting it on a random card that curve chose at random or not processing it at all until i contact them, these two current ways that are happening for me are not good at all!!

just thought i’d give you my view on it.

I must say refunds are a little slow… it’s almost as if someone is manually reconcile it!

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This is a very VERY important thing that curve team should solve asap.
The minimum to be done is the app notification…!


Same boat here guys. I issued something back to Amazon on the agreement they’d refund me the money the same day to repurchase the correct item before I went away at the weekend (weird agreement in case you are reading this and frowning - “why didn’t they just issue you the correct item and wait for the other item” or “why didn’t you just buy the correct item anyway whilst waiting for the refund” - but that’s besides the point, it was the cost of the item I didn’t not have spare to pay out twice on. Anyway, I dropped the parcel back to Royal Mail, it gets scanned and an hour late let Amazon email confirming the refund has been processed and as agreed with them it’ll clear into my account in 2 hours. 6 hours goes by and a notification appears from Curve to state a refund, but the money wasn’t within my account? It wasn’t until 24 hours later that it appeared? So if someone agrees to a fast payment refund, it’s fast in their eyes, but truly it’s a standard time that Curve than place back into my account…

It’ll also be helpful to have the refunds highlighted within the app, as mentioned above. Clearer to see.

Yeah I have disconnected my Curve card now from all online shopping stores I use, too much hassle ob refunds, not fast enough, it’s like I am waiting for it twice, once from Amazon to Curve and then again from Curve to my card, which would be fine if it was instant from Curve to my card but Curve hold it for like 24 hours.

The main reason though I am stopping using it is the refund problem, it just happened again twice last week for the final time now, 10 days or so later after Amazon refunded me, I am writing to them asking where my refund is, at which point they respond immeditately and process the refund, what’s going on, if you can process it instantly why has it not already been processed?

I feel like everytime i am refunded and they don’t know which card to refund it to, due to the refund amount being different from the original purchase amount, which happens when buying multiple products at once and then returning, for example, one of the products, they don’t know where the refund should go to, they cannot match up the purchase price with the refund price, and I simply don’t receive any refund until I ask them. I have tested this by waiting up to 2 weeks in case it was just a time thing which I would not mind so much, but when you are uncertain you will receive a refund unless you message them and you are processing numerous refunds from clothes shopping online, it’s just not worth it anymore.

hopefully they can fix it someday.