Refunded transactions details


I have kind of a problem with refunds. When a payment is refunded Curve marks it as refunded and the originally paid amount is not visible anymore. But the reality is that in my credit card statement I will see a charge and a refund, probably with different dates, and it is difficult to reconcile. Couldn’t be possible to keep, for information purpose only, the original amount for refunded transactions? Original amount, payment date and refund date would be important information to keep.

Other related problem is that there is no way to look for refunded transactions using the filters. The amount is useless since there is no amount any more, and maybe you want to see what refunds you got, not just checking one specific, so a filter for “refunded transactions” would be very useful.



Additionally I suggest something simmilar for partial refunds. I have some payments that the initial charge and the final price don’t match.

In that cases I receive a partial refunding, so I see the final figures (not zero like in your case) in my Curve listing and the REFUNDED label but i cannot see the real dates and figures for each single transaction

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Hi @JesusM & @g_glnx :wave: Welcome to our Community! :grin:

Great ideas from both of you! :raised_hands: I definitely agree with you that refunds could appear better in the app and should have some sort of tag to make them searchable and filterable.

I’ve passed on your feedback to our product team :smiley:

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