Refund notifications without refund

Hello all

I’m fairly new to Curve, and it’s been mostly positive so far.

Ive had some odd behaviour with a refund though. On the 27th I made a payment online using Curve linked to Monzo. When debited, like usual, I received two Notifications, one from Curve and one from Monzo.

I had an email from the vendor shortly after to say it would be refunded. I understand that refunds can take time and so I was prepared to wait it out. 1am ish today… I receive two Notifications… This time for the refund, again one from Monzo, one from Curve. However when I check the Monzo app there is no credit, my balance is the same. When I check Curve it shows as ‘refunded’.

Monzo say they’ve not had any refunds but I definitely had a refund notification, but my phone doesnt save notifications history so can’t prove it. I’m concerned that my refund has fallen between the cracks. Monzo customer service just come back with nonsense and emojis but no actual customer service, so and I’ve not had anything back from Curve as yet (they’ve not had long to be fair)

Does anyone have any thoughts?



It takes a few days to be transfered from Curve to your bank, the same way it takes a few days for the refund from the retailer to arrive in your account.

TLDR. Don’t worry just wait a few days if it is still not there after that, which I doubt very much just contact Curve.

Hey @Bennie_pie, welcome to the community! :smiley:

Refunds can take a day or two to show up after they’ve been processed, as @patrice58 said (that’s from the point you receive a notification in the Curve app) however, not sure about Monzo’s side of things. Wanna pop us a message at and they could give you the ARN number if you haven’t received the refund within the next couple of days?

I had used go back in time monday morning last week
Still no refund on my side

Waiting for support to replay

@Bennie_pie: Just wait. For me it took 9 days for refund to go thru from date when refund notice appeared in Curve app. (read here --> Refund never reached underlying card (double charge))