Recommendations for EUR-denominated airmiles-earning or points-earning credit cards?

Thanks for all the really helpful replies. The most interesting one so far is @poeliev’s suggestion of the Payback Visa Flex⁺ Kreditkarte. Although its earning rate is very poor at €5 = 1 point (compared to €1 = 1 point with my existing Amex card), it nevertheless contributes to a Payback points balance that I’m already collecting with Amex, rather than creating another points balance for a different purpose.

The reason that I don’t want to pay an annual fee is that I live in the UK and my expenditure in the Eurozone is sporadic. If I was living in the Eurozone and spending in EUR every day, then I would consider paying an annual fee for a higher earning rate, like I currently do with my GBP-denominated Miles & More cards.

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The only other free cashback card I know of is the Santander 1plus Visa which doesn’t have a real universal cashback but offers a 1 % cashback on all gas station purchases (which is sometimes a nice addition to the Payback Amex which exludes gas station purchases).

The benefit of santander 1plus for me is free cash withdrawals worldwide, even if the machine charges a fee. But I think this will be lost if I use it with my curve card? Have you ever been able to confirm if this is true?