Purchases on curve card

Hi can anyone shed any light on the issue I have I filled up £17 worth of deisel and Costco using my curve card (pay at pump) but it has a pending purchase amount on my curve acc and my bank account of £99 any one I can contact about this or can anyone shed some light manky thanks Ian

It’s a pre authorisation. It’s just like the £1 charge you get with most services, I read somewhere on the Monzo forum this is a Mastercard thing. It should disappear when you get charged what you filled up with.

Hey @ianmaxine :wave:
Just as @CJ0206 mentioned, the transaction has been preauthorised a higher amount because some petrol pumps automatically charge you the full amount that you can buy then the cost is adjusted later for the amount you actually used.
It’s similar to a hotel deposit, where you put down a larger amount to cover any costs you might incur, and then you are refunded after you leave the hotel. You should see the amount adjusted in the next few days!