Portuguese cards that can't be added as underlying cards

Like I promised, I have good news. I was able to verify (and I’m using it wihout limitations) my CGD BIN 418836, by doing the following steps:

  1. First access CaixaDirecta (CGD Netbanking) and activate the card BIN 418836 3D Secure. PS: Bank doesn’t allow to make purchase online with debit card and if you don’t activate 3D Secure

  2. Add the card and try to verify

  3. If there’s an error during the verification, send an email to support@curve.app reporting the situation and you can even mention the link of this therad in it. Curve support team will reply you back withtin 24 hours, saying that they’ll try to perform a manual microcharge on your unverified card, so that you can proceed.

  4. Within the following 1 to 5 days, try to verify the card again as at some point you’ll be able to enter the code. To get the code access CaixaDirecta and go to your debit card transactions and you’ll be able to retrieve the verification code.
    PS: Don’t rely on your whole current account transactions as it never shows the entire transaction description, therefore the verification code can be truncated. To access the card transactions on CaixaDiecta, go to Cards, then select your debit card.

Good luck :grin: