Phone and Gadget Insurance


Hi Guys,

We’d love to know what everyone’s thoughts are on phone and/or gadget insurance?

Is it something you have? Is it something you see value in? If so what do you pay for your plan and what do you like about it?

Do you have any current pain points?

Thanks in advance for your answers!



Have it as part of my usual home / heath / travel insurance. Don’t need it from another product.


I have it as part of N26-metal package (up to 3k EUR per year in broken gadgets AFAIR).


I pay for it at £8.99/month (1device) from Protect your Bubble. Never made a claim, but from everything I hear, it’s a clean and easy process.


I have it in my home insurance, but with a 125€ flat fee if I have an issue. It works for damaged hardware and theft.
So don’t need an other one, except if it’s better and not too expensive…


It’s something that I’d probably like to have as part of a premium plan on something, as it’s not explicitly covered on my other cards. I think it would have to be backed by a known insurer. Laptop and phone covered on it would be helpful


I don’t currently have phone insurance, but will be getting it again whenI get a new phone. I have broken my current phone screen and I am too cheap to replace it…oops. I also travel quite a bit so it would be nice to have some piece of mind when travelling with my mac/phone.

I used to have insurance with Endsleigh which was around £140 for the year which covered all my gadgets, even when away from home. The 2 times I had to use them I had a really positive experience.


I have mobile phone insurance through NatWest but
(1) They keep changing the conditions of the account benefits every year.
(2) They’ve changed the insurance company they use a couple of times already.
(3) They have increased the excess payment on a claim, progressively over the years.

What would be nice is a consistent offer, which doesn’t keep changing. I’ve better things to do than keep track of constant changes. Also, a lower excess (under £100, preferable something like £50).


I used to have my gadgets covered with American Express on a My essentials policy but they discontinued it :disappointed:

I want something similar, If you guys nailed it, I’d be verrrry happy


I’ve never had phone/gadget insurance and thankfully never had an issue. I do always have a case on my phone, although perhaps more just luck! I’m afraid it’s not a big draw for me.


Have home insurance with DirectLine, which covers gadget insurance up to a certain value.

I presume this is a possible benefit for some of the premium subscriptions?


@charlie.hammond if you ask me, do not waste your time by adding any insurance vendors. With Curve you want to focus on the current product and make it better. WIth any insurance any of the other fintechs offer it is a rip off for the users, since they are more expensive than just getting a regular monthly / annual insurance plan with any of the regular insurance companies. So it really isn’t a great product.
Its the same when expedia asks you to add travel insurance in the last step when purchasing flights, it is “just 20$ for 1 trip”, but when you consider that a regular insurance plan starts at 30$ for an entire year, its a rip off.
Expedia still makes money with those insurances, but the cover policies are terrible, users are unhappy when they actually claim something and all comes back to you then.


I don’t think I’d ever consider a stand-alone phone/gadget insurance policy.

In general, with high excesses, I know they’re covered under either my home contents or my travel insurance policies (depending where I am) but also I have it bundled as an account benefit from my current account provider Nationwide which I’ve recently switched to from Coop Bank which had the same feature at a slightly higher price.

I have claimed multiple times from the Coop policy without hassle over the last 5 years.


I have gadget insurance through my bank, it covers 4 phones and also gadgets up to £1500. There is an excess of £75. I pay £12.50 a month. Got a phone replaced through them, and they sent out a manufacturer refurbished one. I also have home insurance, which covers the building and external walls.


I also have this through my bank. It’s something I value, and if curve could deliver this for better value it would be worthwhile. But, as others have said, this needs to be inexpensive, simple and good quality - otherwise there’s no real incentive for me to shift (as my packaged account also offers breakdown cover, and cinema discounts etc.)


Most folks here in Germany have this covered under their home insurance (“Hausratversicherung”) or if someone else damages your phone it’s typical for them to take responsibility and claim the cost against their personal liability insurance (“Haftpflichtversicherung”).


I have it via Revolut for c£1.99/month. Haven’t tested its effectiveness yet


I have mobile insurance through my Smile Bank packaged current account. Gadget insurance is also an option but I don’t choose it. I’d probably rely on my home insurance though.