Petrol pump

Curve worked fine for preauthorisation at a petrol station in the UK. The next day the actual amount was taken, but the preauthorisation amount has not been removed as it would be on another card. Is this a known problem?

It normally takes a few days for these pre-auths to fall away - when using some cards (e.g. Monzo) abroad I’ve found it can take a few weeks.

If you contact the support team I’ve found them to be pretty good at cancelling the pre auth!

Thanks very much. It’s a week now but I m 8n 5iuch with curve

Hey there @anthony.hand61 :wave: Welcome to our community!

The merchant will often send a reversal a few days after the initial authorisation. If they don’t send a reversal message, the merchant has 7 days to process the transaction before we automatically reverse it.

You’re always welcome to contact our Customer Experience team who can help you out! :grin:

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Similar issue here but I was charged for the full pre-authorised amount and did not get the refund for the fuel not bought. I have two transactions that have been charged for the full pre-auth amount. Contacting the vendors they confirmed they have sent the refund. They even sent me their bank statment to prove it. Can anyone please let me know what should I do?

Contact curve support from the app

Sometimes refund to curve take a little bit of extra time some curve is essentially another middle man in the process! If you contact the support team they’ll be able to escalate and speed it up

Support already contacted me to issue the refunds. Good to know they are there. :grin:


I can’t use my curve card at Tesco petrol stations on their pay at the pump, it will never authorise. I always have to go into the site to pay. Most annoying.