Pending Transaction

I have a problem with transaction because its still pending and i dont know what to do. I wrote to support and now im waiting. I hope that curve wont charge me additional money for that and i dont know from where it comes that transaction it suddenly appeared when I added the card. Have someone had that same problem?

Same here i asked then a couple of day ago to try another card

You see “Pending” where - in curve app or in linked bank statement/app (if there is any)?

In curve app.

But they didnt charge you with any extra money for time of transaction?

I tried using another card but its didnt work for me.

Still waiting for response

How long have you been waiting ? Tell me one more thing that you contacted support?

I have send them question weeks ago
Have forget what it was
I have try to resend it
No response

Last time is some days ago, with a ATM use that are pending in Curve