PayPal as an Amex alternative?


If Amex blocked curve, one of the features in pipeline was to add PayPal. Why not add PayPal and then we could use Amex that way.
That would not even require top up in that sense?
Would that be possible for immediate future ?



paypal is not a card provider so might not be that easy to strike a deal with them



It’s an interesting thought and I’m sure it could be made to work with the wallet concept.

I wonder if it’s a practical solution though - I’d take a punt and say that PayPal’s fees would probably see Curve making a loss in certain circumstances. Spending limits would probably have to be much more restrictive…which is probably fine for 98% of people, but I’d wager the most vocal are the ones who are using it to put thousands upon thousands of pounds worth of transactions through.



They do offer cards but only for businesses, but what difference does it make as curve would anyway be taking an online transaction, and instead of using the card details they could use the account details.

Otherwise, there is still an option to send money through PayPal from Amex to Friends and family without any changes and still getting the full points if there was a way to send money from PayPal to top up curve wallet so can use it in stores and places that don’t accept Amex?



The minimum paypal charges is 1.9%+20p per transaction. It wouldn’t make sense to anyone. That fee pretty much nullifies any perk your AMEX card might give you

If the paypal account being used is from outside the EEA it’s another 1 to 2% on top and as far as I know, and I use PayPal to accept payments for more than a decade, there’s no way to refuse accounts outside the EEA



This might actually be a walkaround! Until last year there was a product called Vodafone Wallet. It was basically a terribly advertised Apple/android pay which allowed you to add PayPal or any Visa/MasterCard and pay with your phone (you needed a Vodafone NFC SIM card too) which allowed to pay even if the phone was off/out of battery

I used it just because I was able to select Amex as the underlying card paying on PayPal. It worked like a charm in places where they didn’t take Amex. Probably I was one of the few using it as they actually killed the programme as it was a waste of money for Vodafone. They also had terrible customer service :slight_smile: but it worked!



The fees are different for corporate accounts, but still not cheap, afaik!



The prices I quoted are for corporate accounts. If we were talking about personal or small business/Premier accounts it would be twice that