Payoneer card support?


Hello, I can’t add to app a master cards from usd and eur.
Can payoneer cards be supported?

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Probably best to contact customer support with this request and mention the bin of your card.
Or if you mention your bin over here someone from the Curve staff might pick it up from here.


Hi Alex.
Perhaps your Payoneer MC is a Prepaid one ? Prepaid cards are not allowed.
I talk just based on my own experience.
But maybe if you contact the Support…


They are allowed as an underlying card and can be added in the app by contacting support. The website that states Curve only supports a selected list is outdated. For example DiPocket is a prepaid card that is not on the list but can be chosen as an underlying card.

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ah . ok ! i apologize. I had the problem when I tried to add my Leupay Visa prepaid card.
But a few weeks after, the Leupay’s rules had changed and i received the same card with the “debit” mention.
Was accepted into Curve immediately.

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No worries :blush:.

If you would have contacted Curve support when your Leupay card was still prepaid, they might have been able to add it to the app, so you had been able to use it as an underlying card at that point.


Ok. But in fact, the acceptance here in France of the “Debit” Leupay card itself is better than the Prepaid one !
Even on direct use. I have not lost in change.
But thanx for the info


Payoneer is prepaid AFAIK. Prepaid cards are officially not supported.


Maybe that used to be the case, but being able to add so many different prepaid cards as underlying card already (even ones that are not on the ‘official’ list), I think they are officially supported now, but customer support is needed to add them to the ‘allowed bin-list’ (and finally update the mentioned Curve website!).


Isn’t Revolut a prepaid card as well? No problem adding that one.


Yes, Payoneer card prepaid…
I wrote to the support and am waiting for an answer.

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Good idea! Please add it to the supported preapid cards list.