Pay @ pump issues

Had my curve metal for just over a week and find I’m having major issues using pay @ pump just get a message transaction cancelled doesn’t even try to go through, contacted support who tell me curve doesn’t work for pay @ pump.

Is that really correct as that’s a show stopper for me as would need to carry my other cards with me which defeats the main reason I got curve?

Welcome to the community, @pictor :wave: We are aware of a few issues with some Pay at the pump merchants. Can you please let us know where you have tried to use your card and got declined?

I have had mine refused at Tesco

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So far I’ve tried Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s pay @ pump and none are working for me, is this something that can be sorted in a reasonable timeframe?

Those of us familiar with fintech forums will be familiar with this topic. Starling and Monzo forums have been speckled with identical topics to this (and others previously here).

I don’t know the technical issues, but it’s a long-running problem, with no obvious global solution.

This not particularly helpful post is more about managing expectations than providing any new insight.

I cannot get it working at Tesco pay @ pump. Tried a few different ones

Thanks for giving us examples :pray: We would want to give you more information regarding this issue, however, this is something that we still working on and we don’t have a solution yet. Although you are not able to Pay at the Pump with Curve in some situations, you can still use it if you pay at the counter :slight_smile:

That would be helpful but in one case there is no kiosk and the others the kiosk isn’t open when I fill up so at the moment I need to carry my other cards making curve pointless in this situation, is it likely to be resolved any time soon?

We do wish to say it will be resolved soon, however, to manage your expectations we can’t give a timeframe for this yet :pensive:

I live near from Belgium and Luxembourg and they have other pumps. When i cross these countries, i stop often for fuel. ===> Before serving , you insert your card inside the pumps terminal, you enter the amount you want to pay, and the payment is validated. (only for the amount you have entered.).
Then you put the gasoline gun and it stops itself for the amount you have payed.
No big amount hold on your card, nothing to refund 5 or ten days after,… that’s fine.
Did you test it yourself?

I am familiar with that type of pay-at-pump system, but the UK ones are different. Although you can set a fixed cash value or volume to dispense, the payment process is still the same regardless. I don’t think the issue is with putting a pre-authorisation of £99 on the card. The issue I believe is more fundamental in the sense that the card is declined before you can even put your PIN in (at least for me).

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Hello Gears! Yes you’re right! i said to myself just after posting my reply that the issue is maybe more on the acceptance of the card itself…:slight_smile: But i left my post validated.
But strangely i just have encountered that issue the first week of use of the debit Curve, at the gas station in Tournai, Belgium. No issue since, and i was the last week on the highway trough Luxembourg and same scheme. No problem.

From reading this forum I believe there are a handful of pay @ pump systems that do work, yet Tesco is always firmly in the does not work list.

This might explain the strange behaviour that you’re describing; some places it works, some places it doesn’t.

I can’t believe this is still an issue to be honest, drives me mad not being able to use my curve at a Tesco. Works fine for me at Sainsbury’s pay@pump so not sure what is so special about Tesco. Come on curve, sort it out, its been an issue since day 1!