Open Banking with Curve


I am aware of the fact that Curve is going to use the PSD2 data offered by banks in the future. It will definitely let us be better informed about our spending when we can check our balance in the app. But what about Curve sharing its data as well? The Curve Connect platform looks way underdeveloped and kind of forgotten for me.

A possibility to access my own financial data using some sort of API would be awesome. Another alternative could be IFTTT and/or Siri Shortcuts! support. I realise that that may cause some sort of security concerns, but it would greatly improve the overall experience. Just look at the way Curve Receipts work right now. They really come in handy, but imagine if instead of being sent an e-mail every time you make a transaction you could set any other action, such as adding the details to a spreadsheet or saving some portion of the value. On the top of that, the time The Curve Team needs to spend to prepare every new smart function would be vastly saved with this one-size-fits-most solution, as other teams could use some of their workforce to prepare any potential integration.

It took an entirely new regulation for the big banks to start sharing their data. Don’t be like them, beat them! :facepunch:


I think a simple data export option would be great to start with.
I recommended integrating with EMMA, but can’t see that happening