No SMS verification


I tried to setup Samsung Pay but couldn’t because I didn’t receive the text to verify my card. I then noticed when I used the Curve app and made changed to my details like a phone number or email it sends a text to verify the changes. Again no SMS. My phone is working, I am getting texts from a number of places so I know its not my phone. Is anyone else getting this?

Also how do we get support? I raised a ticket via the app, I sent a tweet and nothing. I really liked the Service and used it a lot but I am close to ditching Curve because this lack of customer support is worrying.

Many thanks in advance

Hello Jon, welcome to the community!

Sounds like you’re having some strange bugs with Samsung Pay, and the curve app! I’ve successfully been able to change my mobile number in the past by contacting support, as you’ve said you’ve done.

They will get back to you within 24/48 hours, and I’m sure they’ll fix it for you!