No Go With Lounge Key

Tried booking LeedsBradford Airport with the Lounge Key, they said it was full, went on their site and
booked it straight away, WHY?

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This is just an annoying thing that happens with any lounge, they will say that they’re at capacity but still let you buy online. I would definitely send a complaint in to Leeds Bradford airport

Same happens with Priority Pass - they sometimes refuse them on the door but still take paid-for guests (as presumably they make more money for them!). Some lounges also have contracts with airlines that mean they have to keep a set capacity free for those customers.

This is also something that occurs with a Lounge Priority Pass Card ,

The previous comment made is unfortunately a correct one. The lounge staff prefer to see paying customers in the lounge rather than frequent flyer discounted programmes such as Curve or Priority Pass.

Frustrating when you looking inside the lounge to find that it is not at capacity

Happens to me all the time! When this happens I usually contact the lounge operator and complain and they usually reimburse me!

Wow, really? Do you mean you go an eat elsewhere and the people running the lounge reimburse? Or Priority Pass do? Hadn’t heard of anyone managing this before!