New design on Android

The card names being in very small print on top of the screen is a terrible idea. For me, and I would imagine most people outside the UK, most cards have no custom images available (and the few that have, most have an incorrect totally unrelated image), so it’s incredibly time consuming to swipe to the next card and read the small print to know what it is


Overall I’m reasonably happy with the new design but have to say I’m not at all keen on the new red highlights and text. Red on white is hard on the eyes and red on black is not very clear. In addition red is normally associated with negative values. So as well as light and dark themes would it be possible to have a colour choice for the highlight? That way everyone is happy.


I find the new design alot better than the old design

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Carousel when entering the app still defaults to be all the way to the left. Have to scroll back to get to currently selected card. I first reported this bug many months ago (perhaps six?) so disappointing it hasn’t been fixed yet.


There are so many new bugs in the current version but I’m not sure if its even worth reporting because the old bugs, that we have reported many times already, aren’t even fixed yet.


Ouch, what sort of bugs are still outstanding that have been reported

When is this new design to be released for iOS? It’s been way over a month now since it was given to Android users… getting slightly jel over here!