New Curve card design like the Starling Bank


I suggest change our card design to better protect sensitive card data. Starling Bank redesign your debit MasterCard and minimize personal data on card front to protect sensitive card data. See Starling bank blog about redesign card.


My Curve card has no card data on the front. Just the Curve logo, contactless symbol and Mastercard logo. The card details are all on the back. Maybe it’s because mine is a relatively new card?


The new (non-beta) 2018 cards do have the details on the back, rather than being embossed!


Yeah, unfortunately, most banks go this way now. Which is silly, embosed is so much better! Certain rental companies such as Hertz do not accept cards with printed card numbers on it, it must be embossed. Also kinda silly to put the cc number + exp date + cvv all on the back side now.
Companies like airlines do not need the CVV for BSP to charge the card, meaning, if an airline asks for a copy of the card, you can just send them a copy of the front side of the card, which only includes cc number + exp date, nut bot cvv or signature.
Now with the new format you MUST submit the back side which includes everything.


You can simply mask the CVV number ?


My personal favorite design:

Curve metal card

Honestly, that looks terrible :smiley:
I really like the current design. Not too sparkly, basic colours,…


From next year the signature panel will disappear too. Changes by MasterCard making it non mandotary


I think it looks brilliant! Especially that it’s in portrait.


So, I might be drooling :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: