New Curve app languages


I suggest add new languages to the Curve app like: Polish, German, French, Spanish etc. At setting up an account in the Curve app, I also suggest using a universal address form, not a typical UK address form


Hi @pawelnyczaj

I’ve offered to translate the app to Spanish and to Catalan via the App. I’ll wait for an answer and I’ll keep you informed just in case you’d like to help translating to other languages.




This is something we are considering doing in the long-term @pawelnyczaj

That would be great when the time comes @aalcaine :slight_smile: If our customers would prefer to have support in Spanish and Catalan as well, we might do the whole process within the team.

What do you think? With the app being in various languages - should customer support also be offered in the respective languages?


In my case, I am Spanish, and I am totally ok with having Curve available just in English. In my opinion, the English language is something all of us should learn and speak. Although I guess that strategically for Curve it is a better option to be available in different languages since then the market is much wider and it reaches many more people.
So summarizing, if we can get Curve in other languages it will be ok, but for me, there are other things that should be prioritized before (and even if someday we have a Curve in Spanish I will continue using the English Support, forum and so on)


@Curve_Marie , I think it’s more the fact of being comfortable using Curve rather than “helping understand the features”. For this reason I think that offering the App in other languages would help users feel more comfortable, with a “friendly” App and more confident with the product.

I don’t think it’s necessary to offer customer support in other languages, at least at this stage, most people understand English, and costs of offering customer support in other languages would increase Curve’s costs.

On the other hand, translating the App it’s something quite cheap, as costs of the translation are associated only to technical issues, not the work of translating, at least to Spanish and Catalan, which I’d do… though offering an upgrade/metal would be a nice wink :slight_smile:


@aalcaine I completely agree with you!