New £5 fee for physical cards

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Who do you bank with? I’ve never heard of a UK bank charge for transactions being made by Curve (unless of course its an ATM withdrawal which some consider a cash advance).

RBS, I have not used my CC through curve since the change went live. It doesnt name curve in the terms but they are changed enough to allow them to target it if they want.

Advances Section Page 2 of the PDF Purchasing and topping up electronic money or payment cards ( including purchases or top-ups of electronic money that are immediately used to fund another transaction ), vouchers (including electronic vouchers

As far as I understand how curves works it takes the money out of my account as I purchase to fund another transaction so it may apply. Those terms would probably hit Natwest etc as well.

Tesco Bank (who are/were linked in some way to RBS) took the same approach about 2 years ago, so customers with a Tesco Bank credit card in their Curve wallet (like me) received an email from Curve suggesting we don’t use our Tesco Bank card if we want to avoid cash advance charges.

The issue was resolved once Curve engaged directly with Tesco Bank.

Hopefully RBS/Natwest and co wont be applying it to curve (or dont suddenly start applying it if they are not yet) but I dont want to risk it as the charges are nasty and the credit hit is annoying as well.

I tend to just use apple pay and my other cards directly now over curve as GBiT isnt a big deal for me.

My 12 cards on Apple Pay are:

  • Curve
  • Amex UK Platinum
  • Amex UK British Airways black
  • Amex Germany Payback
  • Amex US EveryDay
  • Amex UK small business
  • Cornèrcard Miles & More MasterCard
  • German debit card (1st bank)
  • German debit card (2nd bank)
  • Santander Zero MasterCard credit card
  • TransferWise
  • Revolut (suspended)

I would like iPhones to support more than 12 cards, so that I can add even more Amex cards to use with Shop Small, as the offer applies once per merchant per card.

Yeah they could easily hit all Curve transactions with that. Hoping Curve reaches out to them/Natwest as they did with Tesco.

You’re absolutely right. I’m a card user, even if my phone is configure. I get used to it, habit hard to break. And then there are cash machines, especially in other countries. There card is mandatory if you don’t have a bank account in that country and access to that country’s alternative way of making a transaction.

That physical card is crucial, as the fact you can offer your friend one for free is an extreme sales pitch.

Wow, ok so the non-ApplePay cards are either EU or quite specialised.
But why have both Amex Uk Platinum and BA black?
Do you have Currve metal? because you definately don’t need the additional benefits as tthe Amexi cover most of it!

Funnily, am actaully tthinking of downgrading my Amex Gold UK to plain Green… Don’t really see the benefits…

I’m on an old deal, whereby I get my Amex BA black card for free by virtue of having an Amex Platinum charge card. The latter gives me plenty of benefits such as unlimited lounge visits with Priority Pass for two people and elite status in several hotel schemes, particularly Hilton which is a very valuable benefit.

Yes, I upgraded to Curve Metal earlier this year, not for the travel insurance, but for the approved method of paying credit card bills with Curve. I don’t need Curve’s travel insurance - true. I would prefer not to have to fund this.

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The only source I can actually see for this is the Head for Points article, it’s not mentioned on the curve website for Curve Blue, could someone like @Curve_Marie confirm if this is actually happening? Seems very short sighted if it is, especially for only £5.

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I think a better policy, at least initially, would be to stop sending physical cards by default, and issue them only to those who specifically request them. The default should be virtual cards and digital cards.


Like old days
In a Supermarked
Do you want a bag? Yes
And you walk 50 meter or something to your car, or bike
And the bag come useless
Instead of buy a recycle bag

Like curve
Free plastic card, yes
And many use or begin to use contactless payment, phone, watch
And some ATM support contactless

I think the problem is the Curve card is the one you actually want…

The six cards that I have stored at home that have literally never been used from traditional banks…I couldn’t care less about!

Unfortunately though it’s going to be a very long time before it’s possible to go entirely without a physical payment card :frowning:

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Not all merchants allow over £45 for Apple Pay/Google transactions. So basically, without a card, in some stores you will be limited to transactions up to £45 without a physical card.

Also, the other month at Lidl they had a problem and contactless payments were not working at all for a while, and the only way to complete the transaction was chip and pin or cash.

So I think a physical card may still be needed, but I will not be paying £5 for a basic card. No way.

Curve has had a day to respond to the rumours in this thread, so I’m making the assumption that there is something in the rumours, and Curve are trying to find a way to put a positive spin on it.

I addressed that point above when I wrote that a reduction in consumers carrying physical cards “encourages more people to use Apple Pay and Google Pay, which has a knock-on effect of encouraging more merchants to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay correctly with no transaction limits. When card terminals, running old software, erroneously reject Apple Pay and Google Pay above the transaction limit for physical contactless cards with an “insert card” message (because the card terminal fails to recognise it as a digital tokenised card), if an increasing number of consumers respond to merchants that they don’t have a physical card, then more merchants will make the effort to update the software in their card terminals to process tokenised cards correctly and avoid lost sales”.

Yes, perhaps they are reading our feedback here before introducing any fee. In any case, they have had other priorities in recent days.