Nearing Limits Notification

I recently hit my yearly spend limit on Curve. I was not told about me getting close to it, or when I did hit it, I wasn’t told at all. My card just continued getting declined, with no notification or pop up on the app to tell me why. I had to (in standard awful curve support times) wait a day to get a response, and then finally told I’ve hit my limit and that there’s 2 working days till I can actually use my card again and extend my limits! Surely it makes more sense to send me a notification when I’m getting close to my limit, and then have this two working days thing occur within the final 5% (let’s say) of my initial £10,000 limit? Or atleast let me know why my card is being declined?? :man_shrugging:t2:

Unfortunately there seems to be an ever growing list of common sense ideas that seem to be missing

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Contact customer support to increase your limit

If you read my post, you’d know I did contact support… :thinking: I’m simply stating that there should be a notification system telling you that you are approaching the end of your limit as a warning. I’m not stupid enough to just sit around moaning on the community without contacting support first! :joy:

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