More Metal Benefits?

Totally agree with you on this. It took a lot for me to jump from Blue to Black, but I did that simply for the fact Metal offers literally nothing different other than a metal card… I pay £9.99 a month for a restriction of 3 cash back providers and that’s about it! I don’t travel as much as others that use, especially not abroad anyway! I’d go back to blue, but I try and do a lot of self-promoting given the fact I am an investor, so it doesn’t look good if I am sat on the free-tier.

Curve needs to offer more to metal and black 100%!

Unlimited cash back, not restricted, other incentives (country-based; so for me UK) - Uber, UberEATS, free coffee (Costa or Starbucks or something like that) once a month for members, or something a long those lines.

SOMETHING BIG needs to be added. I won’t jump to metal as I don’t spend enough at the 3 choices to claim back more than what I spend on the monthly subscription.


Another useful addition could be Breakdown Cover, which most paid tier cards i’ve seen include.


What about benefits with some partners (as N26 scheme). Discount on booking, car renting etc?
Or a cashback bonus (2% instead of 1%) merchant which change everyweeks? The merchant could be chosen by the community with a week survey. It involves users…


To pay a premium subscription for a Curve card, as suggested here then you would expect premium benefits, free lounge access, 1%+ cashback on everything, etc. I have an Amex Platinum and the card pays for itself with Amex offers, car hire insurance, lounge access, etc.


I echo the ideas of the metal card giving 1% cashback everywhere, maybe upto a maximum of a certain amount to prevent mis-use and don’t allow it on cash withdrawals?


Totally agree tier subscriptions require looking at as some people are age barred from insurances etc.

I saw in one of the updates,it’s going to be an option for credit? Sound very interesting specially for the investors or metal subscribers like me.:partying_face::gift:

I believe that the options we have now that very good for the price and the product that Curve brought to us. It’s true that others the stepped up a bit, but we need to have patience and more will be coming our way.

  1. Think, so far how many companies besides Apple gives your the option to have multiple cards in one.
  2. Keeping in mind the first 1 option. Soon we probably have a credit on the same card what Apple made just for US so far. How many companies will give this options?
  3. In time the perks will increase because smartly for the curve market.
  4. So far you pay the subscription but you get rewarded on the long term…think about it. Do not forget you have a nice insurance with all that cards that you use. I do have
  5. Soon you can have it on Apple Pay one card for all :partying_face:
  6. Are so many benefits just because it’s Curve and more will arrive soon but with patience
    7… many benefits if you think, in just ONE CARD

Breakdown cover would be great

To be honest, Curve Metal seems very good if you’re a traveller, just not as good if you don’t frequently travel outside of your country. Having something like UK & European Breakdown cover, like FlexPlus for example, makes Metal better for those who don’t travel abroad.

I also remember Curve Metal being touted as a Card for VIPs, though, just a card being metal alone, isn’t enough for this I believe.
Adding a Concierge Service as a cool feature which someone mentioned above, and possibly something like Priority/Higher level support (whether for both Black & Metal or not) would make metal feel more ‘Exclusive’

Other than those, Curve Cash could be a little more useful than it is now, with things like variable % rates on more retailers, or all purchases. Being able to exchange Curve Cash into vouchers/gift cards (both ideas which I believe were previously mentioned) and being able to easily top up Curve cash and such.


Curve need to improve the product offering for both Black and Metal customers - and not just those who travel a lot.

At the moment, there is little benefit to most customers to continue subscribing.


I’m not sure what your obsession is with Apple Pay and the Apple Card or how it will benefit many customers (especially those without iPhones)

The current subscription offerings are not good enough.

Most firms tend to offer generous offerings at launch and reduce benefits as they grow. This is what Curve need to do.

You are wrong in thinking the perks will otherwise increase over time.

If they don’t increase the vfm of their products soon, Curve will have a lot fewer paying customers.

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Are you serious here? Are you not sure how Apple Pay will benefice many customers? I think the answer to that is self-explanatory according for the 354 coments the “ApplePay When?” entrance has. Or the many other entrances about Apple Pay.
And yes, you are right with the fact the Apple Pay won’t be beneficial for Android users…so, what then?
Again man, are you aware of how many IPhones are out there?


I was talking specifically about @Gabriel’s post where he mentions Apple three times in 7 points about why he though paying for a Curve now was a good idea.

Obviously, Curve will launch Apple Pay sometime this year and it will benefit some customers and will be a basic omission if Curve don’t have it by the time they launch in the USA.

Though perhaps not as many as you think - there are only two countries where iPhones usage is dominant - the USA and Japan - neither of which are in Europe… and only a small % of Apple users use it. Also, the Apple Card is only available in North America.

However, my point remains that even with Apple Pay support added, the paid for tiers that exist don’t offer enough value to most Black and Metal users.


I think a higher level of gadget insurance. Maybe you could link your gadgets to the insurance so they were covered up to their value rather than £800. I would think anyone using the metal subscription has a phone worth more than this.

I would also like to see the ability for a second card to be issued under the metal account for my spouse

The ability to order currency through the app would be great too


I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and it’s worth more than 50% of this!

Looking at everything everyone has said about this. The ones that normally reach the most likes and agreement from people are ones that affect metal in everyday spending. There are loads of great ideas and great perks already for travel, but when you’re spending as much money as you do for Curve Metal, you want to be able to use the benefits everyday! I think benefiting users in everyday use (concierge for booking things, breakdown cover, better cash-back, random daily/monthly rewards and freebies, credit) should be the next big thing within Curve Metal.


I am trying to compare paying for Curve Metal v packaged bank accounts like Nationwide Flex Plus. Etc.

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