Missing top section of forum

In the app, the top section of the forum is missing, you can not see the Curve logo, Curve Community, the search icon etc, you have to zoom in

Had to do this on the laptop as everytime try to add the screenshots, the app crashes.

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the iphone having issues is an iPhone Xs Max, Software version 13.2.3, app version 3.4.1 (5034)

Looks absolutely fine on Android, perhaps a Safari issue?

if I use the 3rd party web apps, safari, chrome etc, they are fine, just the Curve App itself

I use the discourse app, it’s pretty good and you get all your notifications through it too!

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Not sure how it works on iOS, but on Android when clicking the Community link in the Curve app, the community page just opens in the standard browser (in my case Chrome) on top of the Curve app, the Curve app itself does not have a built-in browser.
If the Curve app on iOS works more or less the same as on Android you might actually be in your standard browser (Safari?) on top of the Curve app or on a Safari browser page inside the Curve app, when clicking on the Community link in the Curve app.

only the Curve app itself on the iPhone

On safari it works well, in Curve app it is not seen well.

OK, in that case it must be the wrapper they’re putting around Safari that’s causing the problem I guess. To be honest I’ve never tried to access the Community via the app, I just have it left open as a tab in Chrome on my phone and desktop!