Missing Refund

I’ve joined the community because Curve aren’t answering me this week. I’ve loved it since I first got my Metal card and thought CS was great. However in the past couple of months I’ve had emails saying they have found refunds in some kind of limbo and need to get me to give the last 4 numbers of the underlying card. Fair enough, I should have noticed, but when the retailer emails me with details of a refund I assume it’s going back on the card. These weren’t large amounts fortunately and I got them back. However, a transaction for over £200 that John Lewis refunded me in October still hasn’t appeared on my Amazon Mastercard. I’m really worried that maybe other amounts have been lost. They said last week they would investigate and I’ve heard nothing and asked for an update, and again no reply. I’m only using it for small sums now and using PayPal or the actual card for big transactions. I know at some point I’m going to have to sit down and check every refund. Not sure where to go with this?

I had the same issue - it seems they sometimes have to process refunds manually and there can be big delays.

I avoid using curve for a transaction that might be refunded

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I’m sorry you had that expiernace and if you don’t hear back, please contact them via Twitter as they’ve very responsive there.

I think its rather hit and miss but I’ve always had refunds processed within 24 hours and then another 24 hours back to my card - sometimes even on Saturday’s. I believe they’re about to update the way they process refunds so hopefully this doesn’t occur in future.

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Good advice thanks, I’ve learned my lesson.

I reactivated my Twitter as you suggested and hopefully they will get in touch

interesting - have exactly the same issue. A refund that still hasnt appeared anywhere on Curve 2 weeks after it was processed in store. Have never had such an issue with any other card. Agree - best no to use for refunds!

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Refund is still a mess, the whole process is highly unreliable. You have to follow the transaction if you want to make sure that you’re gonna get your money back.


I’m really pissed off because I usually order clothes from JL and order two sizes, one of which will go back. If I stop using Curve for large amounts that may be returned that will impact my cash back. Found another one where Amazon Pay processed a refund last Monday and Curve still have my money. I’m going to have to find the time to trace all my refunds and see none are lost.

Well Twitter worked and they say they are going to credit me. I don’t have much confidence when they ask which card I used, they should be telling me? Amazon seems to be an issue. I had to chase up an Amazon Pay transaction too. And sometimes my Cashback points for Amazon don’t go on. I’m going to have to go though all my refund emails and make sure they all came back to me. I would notice a big amount but how many 9.99 or 19.99 transactions have gone under the wire?

Similar issues with a number of refunds. I use the Curve card 5 constantly. On our recent trip to the US where we have a holiday home I got refunds over our 11 week stay. Noticed they hadn’t been refunded to my Virgin Atlantic card. Contacted support who said they had the refunds but they weren’t appearing on my Virgin Atlantic card because they hadn’t been matched. Eventually went through but now I’ve lost confidence in the refund process and think I may have missed a few more. Not good enough. If Curve receive the refunds they should ensure they are processed correctly or should contact me if there is some sort of “matching” Problem. Feeling pretty uncomfortable about the whole refund process.


I’m only using it now for food shops. I won’t be renewing once the year is up.

I had the same problem with a refund from Matalan. It had been 2 weeks and still no money, then out of the blue I received an email from Curve support saying they had received a refund, but couldn’t trace the original transaction to refund against. Having provided them with the last 4 digits of a card to refund, it will still apparently take another 4-5 days to receive the cash. Overall, not a very speedy service. I also think refunded amounts should appear at the top of the transaction list, instead of updating the original, which could be weeks ago

what do you mean by ‘follow the transaction’ - any advice appreciated - as have same issue!

I mean you have to keep in mind that there is a pending issue.