Miles and More Diners Club Card

I got Lufthansa’s Miles and More Diners Club charge cards. While their rep said they will work with Curve, she also said I won’t earn air miles and all transactions will be recorded as cash transactions, incurring additional charges.

Does anyone know if these are indeed true? There is no point in linking them if they are!

Hey @JapanLad!
It depends on whether you normally get rewards/points for all spend on your card or only for spend at particular retailers.

If you get rewards for all spend, then you will still receive these from your card provider, but if your card only gives rewards at certain retailers or types of retailers, then you wouldn’t receive the rewards from the card because Curve transactions are recognised as coming from Curve, not the original retailer.

@Curve_Liz, thanks for your reply. They said all transactions on Curve, regardless of retailers, will be regarded as cash transactions and I will definitely not get any air miles unfortunately. I don’t know why this is the case, but the best is not to link Curve for this card, I think.

The linked MasterCard works fine with no cash charge and normal miles each month. Can the Diners Card be added as well?

You can vote for that here: