Metal Users - Will you be renewing?

Yep, if Curve could change one thing about their product, this would be a one of the top things for me.

maybe allow you to select certain features in addition to the blue features, so if you do not select them all, then a discount?

the less you select, the cheaper the metal card, but obviously still more than the blue/black

i.e. lets say I want a metal card, but with only the benefits of the blue card but with 6 retailers, £10.99/month

or a metal card without the rental car collision waiver insurance for £12.99/£13.99 etc

my brother in law for example would love the metal card, but the rental car collision waiver insurance would be absolutley unless to him, company car with company insurance. when he travels, the company pays for the rental car and insurance.

I have to agree about the weekend fee. For the most part, I can make sure my significant foreign spending happens on weekdays (e.g. by buying tickets on weekdays, booking flights on weekdays, etc) - I suspect others do too - which means I suspect this fee isn’t making Curve that much but is causing customers a lot of hassle.

Please, Curve; just swallow the fee for metal users and the rate difference. You’ll win as often as you lose and I’d be astounded if the loss didn’t equal the metal fee. And think of all the Revolut customers who will come your way when you can advertise yourself as 100% fee free.