Metal Users - Will you be renewing?

Hi Marie,

So there’s little point to me updating my card. I’ll be downgrading to blue in the next 20 or so days.

Posting a picture of my card anyway as folks have asked to see the wear and tear after 12 months of light use and being kept in the Curve TUMI wallet.

Few scrapes, doesn’t seem terrible but looks ugly…

Hmm something seems amiss…

Woah, the entire card is de-laminating from the lower right corner!

Essentially I have to baby the card through any chip and pin transaction now or ATM use.

Interesting poll. So essentially out of the 52 metal holders.

22 people will be Renewing
21 people will be downgrading.
9 people will be cancelling completely

Now there is the issue of the vocal minority (e.g. folk who check the forums are those with problems so will naturally tend to negative outcomes) but losing 58% of their metal membership from a single poll, that’s a non-favourable review of their Metal product.

With 42% renewing, 41% downgrading and 17% cancelling :point_down:t2:, how can these be the absolute numbers? :thinking:

52 voters?

I know how percentages work, but for example 42% of 52 is not 9. So what I meant is that the categories/numbers were mixed up.

Correct, 42% of 52 is not 9.

I had the two categories switched around and worked out the final percentage based upon that. Not as damning as I first thought was being indicated but it’s not favourable.

Heres the pictures of the wear and tear you asked for a few days ago


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I’ve just noticed the corners on my red metal card are starting to lift as well (Bad glue?), it’s been kept in the Tumi wallet and admittedly I’m a rather heavy user. Nowhere near as many scuffs as yours but I’d still expect the card to be in much better condition given they have a three year validity on them…

In terms of renewing I may but I’ll also be looking into Amex more


There’s no pictures attached to your post. I’d love to see the wear and tear on your card too.

My card is fine, it was alerting another user to someone posting pictures which they asked for :heart:

Good to know :slight_smile:

My sub is up in March. Now that we have Apple Pay, all I’ll need is 3DS and I’ll be sticking around.

Hi all! Sam from Curve’s Product Team here.

We’re always thinking about how we can make our product provide more value to you. It seems like some of you don’t really value the insurance options that our metal subscriptions offer.

How many of you actually get those insurance benefits from somewhere other than Curve?

  • I already receive the metal insurance benefits elsewhere (eg. from your bank)
  • I don’t get the metal benefits elsewhere

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Another question: for those of you knew that you received the insurance elsewhere, what was your main reason for upgrading to metal?

One more: overall, where does Curve provide the most value in your life? What problem does it solve for you? What was it about Metal that failed to enhance that value?

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For me Curve solves the problem of not being able to earn rewards/points/cashback when using my Creditcard directly in a foreign currency, without paying a big FX rate markup. With Curve I can add this Creditcard and receive these points without the big FX rate markup…at least during weekdays that is. Metal or (in my opinion) any Curve Card tier should get rid of these weekend FX markups.


My main reason for signing up, since I won’t use the insurance, was the FX benefits and not having to top up Revolut anymore who love to disable account a for ages when waiting for documents.

I travel a lot for work, Curve means I can use my normal bank account or my Credit Cards abroad without worry.

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Thanks for this.

When you signed up, did you immediately select Metal? Or did you try Curve first and upgrade from Blue to Metal?

And just to confirm, your main reason for choosing metal was the superior FX rates?

Got it, thanks.

So, Metal provides you with insurance benefits, but these aren’t actually the main benefit to you? It’s more the improved FX rates / limits?

I use Curve Blue for some time and I’m happy with the product in general and I was thinking to upgrade to Metal when it will be launched outside UK. But now I start to be preety concerned about the poor quality of the metal card reported by quite some users. What I would like to see are better quality metal cards, at least 3 free visits/year with LoungeKey, FX also in weekend. In my view for 150E per year all of this perks should be understandable. I have another card from a Romanian FinTech and for 100E per year I have all of the Curve benefits without FX part and gadget insurance, but with 3 free LoungeKey international visits, free and unlimited visits with one guest at Romanian airport lounges and concierge.


Yes, I went straight for Metal after reading the details.

The main reason for choosing Metal was the lack of constraints on FX payments per month. Despite not using any of the other benefits, the price is much lower than what my bank would charge me.

That being said, at the moment Curve has a niche but I do look for developments in Curves competitors, such as Currensea or my own bank, due to not needing the insurance benefits and a lack of 3DS.

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OK, cool, thanks!

Why are the savings on FX important to you?

Thank you for this.

What would be the main reason for you upgrading?