Metal launch in other countries

Is there any plan to offer metal card soon in other EU countries like Finland?

Hi, anyone knows when your is going to be available to order in Portugal??
I’m waiting for that for a long long time, and I don’t have any new about it! :pleading_face::pleading_face:

Same for France! :fr:


Q1 2020 hopefully :pray: but maybe @Curve_Marie has some news about :slight_smile:

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We wish to offer Metal to all of our customers as soon as possible and are working on making it happen :running_woman: The Metal card is a part of the Mastercard Elite Programme, which offers various benefits. We are working with our partners to offer them throughout Europe so that Metal will become available to everyone :muscle::sunglasses: Because there are dependencies, and therefore not completely in our hands, putting a timeline on it would be too close to guessing, which I’d rather not do :grimacing:


Hey all, to all of you who are interested, here’s a snapshot of a newsletter received today.

Curve Metal is coming to Europe! We’ve been itching to get Curve Metal out on the European market for quite a while and can now confidently say that it will be arriving in Q1.


I am literally counting the days :sweat_smile:


@Curve_Marie when Metal will be launched outside UK in a particular country, all of the benefits will be active in that particular country? I’m asking since right now the Travel and Gadget Insurance are not available for NL residents, even if the Black subscription is available and has that benefits (currently for UK, FR, DE, IE, IT, PT and ES residents only). Moreover, if you sign-up for Metal with the yearly annual fee and you change your residence in that year, you will be able to switch your insurance benefits to the new country, of course, if Curve Metal is available in that country?

Thank you in advance for the clarifications.

Same here :slight_smile:

It might be best to wait until Metal is launched outside the U.K.?

Probably this would be the best thing to do, but I’m very anxious regarding the Metal launch outside UK. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Do you know when the Metal Curve Card is going to be available in the EU??

Thank you

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Any news on the Metal Card?
I really need it in my life! :laughing:


I was just wondering the same thing. Curve stated that it would be launched in Q1. Well, we’re now approaching the end of Q1 and EU-wide metal cards are yet to be launched. Then again, I have still yet to receive my investor card…

It will be launched this month across Europe.

Ehi, You can read more information here:

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Thanks! :grin: Missed that!

I just saw that curve metal has now launched EU-wide :tada:!

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