Metal Amex Plat card on the way in UK (11 June)


Just read a post on about Amex Plat in the UK going metal. Comes with a £125/year price increase and some minor benefits but pleased to see they’re keeping up - I saw an American with one in a hotel I stayed at in London, they look awesome!


It’s disappointing that the benefits haven’t increased in line with the price increase. If they offered travel or uber credit like they do in the US, the price increase wouldn’t be too bad. Obviously the benefits are never going to match the US version with EU interchange caps, but something useful in return for a £125 fee increase would be nice.

Sadly, the increased benefits are fairly useless, and they’ve hiked up the fees without providing anything useful to their customers. Seems they’ve been taking business tips from Curve…


There’s a £10 per month Addison Lee credit. Not brilliantly useful nationwide mind. I wonder why Uber UK wouldn’t be involved if Uber US are.


Yeah, especially because when I’ve checked Addison Lee in the past, it’s normally been at least £10 more than just taking Uber…


I dunno - sorry, I just don’t use taxis. Hate them almost as much as the Underground!


As a AMEX Platinum card holder, i would like to make a direct comparison between curve metal vs amex platinum.

Firstly i must state that this is based on taking advantage of the free supplementary platinum card available by AMEX.

2 metal cards:
AMEX = £575
Curve = £360

AMEX = 1 point per £ spent (forever) and 30,000 bonus point (generally valued a 1p / point ie 1%)
Curve = 1% cashback in 6 premium retailers (starter offer)*

Lounge access:
AMEX = Priority pass (2 cards), unlimited free access (1200+ lounges)
Curve = Lounge key £15 / visit (1000+ lounges)

Curve: NO

Care excess insurance
Curve: YES

AMEX = Numerous hotels and Hertz gold status
Curve = ??

AMEX = 12,000 membership points (up to 90,000 points)
Curve = £5

There’s loads more items, but you get the point. These cards are NOT the same, they are on completely different levels.