Merchant pass-through for vendor specific rewards


Hello all,

I have recently received my Curve card and have been very happy so far. One thing I noticed unfortunately is that when using Curve for shopping inside Tesco, when linked to a Tesco debit card, the transactions are not registered as “spend within Tesco” so don’t attract the bonus Clubcard points.

I know the reason for this is obvious, as the Tesco card only sees Curve + MCC as the transaction. However, I was just wondering if it is even possible for the underlying card to actually register the transaction as being from the vendor, not Curve?

Another example would be the Amazon credit card I imagine, which has enhanced cashback for Amazon spend.

Is this ever going to be a possibility? Unfortunately it currently makes more financial sense to use my Tesco card directly for fuel instead of going through my Curve card. :disappointed_relieved:


MCC is pushed through to underlying card since Sept 17, see blogpost here:

Amazon + Tesco probably identify their own transactions not just by MCC (otherwise more than 1 shop would apply to the same MCC) but by the actual merchant name.

That won’t change because it is the core feature of Curve to act as the middle man.


Yeah I’d be wary using Curve with Tesco - they’ve been the worst of all recently, cash advance charges on ATM withdrawals, etc.

Most of the enhanced cashback or Amex/VISA offers all rely on direct use of the card so I’d not expect it to work with Curve in those scenarios either, even with MCCs going through.