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To be honest its the whole process i mean when i read what was coming in Q1 2019 i was just amazed but then reality set in once i upgraded and fast forward 4 months still nothing on any resolution other than wait and watch this space …

i paid the upfront £150 but if if compare with my Santander world elite/ Gold Amex this falls flat which i took out as i got tired waiting for CURVE to get their act together

still to be delivered

  • AMEX wallet
  • permanent cash back
  • Lounge card

lack of clarity/coverage - there has been several post in the community about this and if u actually start reading the T&C of AXA CURVE is better off without it .

  • AXA insurance (maybe something you guys need to take what AMEX offers to protect their customers its a seamless process when I actually start reading what AXA covers its got so many clauses you guys are better off even offering that !)

I appreciate with any new product comes bugs and development etc but watching this evolve over the last few months … it looks like a half-finished product was rolled out … what is premium about the Metal … (to be honest right not in comparison with the other premium cards nothing stands out ) .

For example, Curve even doesn’t have a dedicated Metal customer service like N26/Revolut offer

Was hoping i would have a great card but i am left with a fancy paperweight that i have to now pay £50 for cause i am outside my cooling off period as per the clause thats in the card T&C but then where is curve obligation in all this to deliver a finished product as promised.(even if the AMEX debacle is ignored) everything else falls much below expectations - how is that fair ?

The road map is all great but it doesnt have any time line it doent have any details when you click on any of the items as well …

Is Curve going to refund the customers on the pro-rata basis for items/perks not delivered … if you still intend to keep the pricing the same .


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Lounge key was described in the forums by Alejandro as days / weeks not months. We’re really in the months category now with no end in sight.

Amex is another feature sold but not available despite charging for this. Rather than change the fee you’ve had the option to provide a discount but have chosen to continue charging for features you’re not providing

When I asked support to downgrade because of this I was told the £50 fee would still apply even though you’re clearly not holding up your end of the contract. It shows Curve in a very poor light and yet staff seem to think that it’s fine to continue this path belligerently.

Your comments about the incentive scheme are also at odds with previous communications in this forum and indeed we were told at one point legacy card holders can not switch at all and you were looking at keeping the new cashback scheme permanently for metal card holders - just again not for the legacy card holders who seem to be held at a constant disadvantage.

Because of all of this I’m now in a situation where I’ve had to lodge a formal complaint with a view to taking it further. I didn’t want to be in this situation and it should have been easy to resolve but it seems actions are at odds with your claims that legacy card holders are valued.


Wow…one of the reasons you didn’t change the price is because “changing the price means we would have to change it again in a relatively short space of time”…do you not see that sentence alone speaks volumes about how much you care about your customers!

You also say that you (Curve) hasn’t changed the pricing as you worked behind the scenes to introduce a proposition that your customers have felt would be exciting and valuable for the monthly subscription…can you confirm what you have introduced (I.e. what has actually gone live not just been announced) since the proposition changed when Amex pulled out. I may be wrong but I’m not aware of anything?

I would also be interested to know how you identified what your customers felt was valuable for the subscription. Spending just 2 minutes reading this forum and it is abundantly clear that very little value is placed in the features offered. I fear that Curve had simply decided itself what it believed its customers wanted.

I hate to say it, but I believe the above are stretching the truth somewhat and I’m struggling to see how I can remain a customer of a company that can treat its customers the way it does. I’m sure I’m not alone here… I love the concept of Curve and that is why I am genuinely interested in your responses to the above.


I wonder why curve sales or marketing team dont see the problem here.

Trying to describe it as simple as possible.
It is like signing up for a gym membership which says for £9.99 a month u get to use the gym facilities only with no classes. For £12.99 u get to attend the classes for free and use the facilities. However, there are no classes for the last 6 months and will continue until further notice, but we will still charge u £12.99 because behind the scenes, we are working very hard to find something of value to replace the classes. In the mean time, before we even find something to replace the class please continue paying £12.99 for not much added benefit compared to the £9.99 membership except your membership card says ur a premium member.

Does that not just sound ridiculous???


Is is most unusual and you could not imagine it working in any other subscription based scenario.

You would expect a lowering of the monthly sub until benefits ,which were promoted and since withdrawn or haven’t materialised , were available .

There is a lot of goodwill for Curve and I imagine that’s why a lot of us keep paying the full sub

Is it because they are David and not Goliath ?


David has a habit of becoming Goliath after a period of time…Google and Amazon was David once apon a time.

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True, but in order to do that you have to either do something different or something better.

Curve seem to just be trying to copy everyone else at the moment, and not doing that great a job of it.

The core product is good, but not good enough for mass market because most people don’t have a vast array of credit and debit cards…they need to do more!

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Their core USP is unique so that is enough to carry them. Do they need to do more? That’s debatable as when they try to do more it ends up…Hardly worth it. An example in point is the Curve Black/Curve Metal which I think for what it offers at the price point I think they need to start again from scratch.

In any case I do take your point that right now they are trying to be all things to all people, and to put it bluntly it’s not working.

As for your thoughts on to be Goliath you have to do something different or better, that’s not always true as most of the time you just have to be first…People generally dislike moving banks or utility providers or frankly anything else so they stay out of habit.

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Mostly being second is actually better than first - Microsoft were the first ones to make a smartphone, for example…and a tablet that would resemble what we consider a modern day tablet to look like.

The problem Curve have is that their core USP is solving a problem that an incredibly small number of people have - very, very few people bother to have more than one bank account and one credit card. Certainly not enough to turn Curve into a ‘goliath’ of financial services.

They have to offer something more that will get the average person to want to bother with the hassle of using Curve.

I think the issue is that their core USP is inherently a loss leader. Every time someone uses their (personal) Curve card, it costs them money. Therefore they need to find some way to get people to pay for something that will cover those losses. Unfortunately their subscription offerings so far are not worth anything like the amount they’re charging.


Not really but then again we could both argue the toss each way.

As for Curve becoming a Goliath (even though I wasn’t talking about Curve being a Goliath) I can and will successfully agree it already is one. How? Well how many other companies are doing the same thing in the UK for them to measure against? I can’t think of any can you? I can also by the same standard argue it’s a failure as well but I digress.

They have kind of fixed your 2nd point by their “plus” offerings so yeah they have given people more of a reason to use a Curve card but as I said above at that price point vs feature set, most people (me included) will end up holding their noses and running.

Curve is not a bank? I’m not sure what you mean by the above statement.

Well I mean sure that’s their whole USP so I’m again not sure I get your point.

Everything takes time, like most things in the (fin) tech world it takes time for a product to go from the initial adopters to mainstream market appeal. (Remember in my OP I was not talking about Curve being a Giliath for the 2nd time.)

Anti competition…In saying that read your second point (which olddly enough answers this question.) TLDR Banks are powerful Curve is not as powerful so banks (fortunately or unfortunately) call the shots.