Make Curve FX free limit visible in-app

Curve black users receive:

Unlimited free currency conversion (subject to fair use of £15,000 a year, beyond which we may charge 2% of the amount of the transaction as currency conversion fees

Would be great if we see how much of the 15k£ we have already used in the app under limits.
–>Vote if you like it.

Also, does the limit of 15k£ mean 15k£ in fx fees (what can be seen in each foreign transaction as:“You save approx … in fx fees”) or 15k£ based on the original transaction in a foreign currency?

Would be an excellent addition - also in general still need the ability to see when limits will reset in coming days/weeks.

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how do you vote?
is there a vote button?

It’s at the top of the page?

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got it - thanks Ed!!!

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That should have being done from the start

I had to convert the spending limit to understand it in my own currency