Maestro card support


Why doesn’t Curve support Maestro cards? Everyone that supports MasterCard seems to also support maestro and some banks issue only maestro cards.

As a specific example, I have 3 cards tied to my main bank account, all of them maestro and I can use them anywhere, even online purchases without issue, only Curve doesn’t support them


In the Netherlands there are lots of merchants that do not support Mastercard or Visa but do support Maestro. So for me as a Dutchy it would be even more interesting if the Curve card itself would be Maestro and I would be able to have underlying Mastercards and Visa-cards.


Yeah, for me the problem is the opposite, here in Portugal all cards are accepted everywhere but some of the underlying cards are maestro.

Probably if Curve were to start working on implementing maestro support, we could have both maestro working as an underlying card as well as the curve card itself being a maestro as an option


It’s is on the roadmap :slight_smile: Use your vote and thanks for creating this topic so other customers can show their interest as well!