Language is not changeable on Polish Curve website

Have you noticed that there is not an option to change the language in the Curve website? I’m currently in poland and when I go to everything is in polish and I don’t understand polish. Am I missing the option to change the language to english?

Edit: The link for the website is

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Near the end of the page there is a link “Switch to United Kingdom” which goes to:

For me (in Sweden) there is no difference, it’s in English anyway. I suppose it differs if you’re in a country where there is a translation.

The link you are describing lets you switch between the international website (no Curve Metal on offer) and the UK website (Curve Metal on offer), but has nothing to do with the language. Also the link is not present on the Polish Curve website.

@alex.1137ferreira If you go to are you being redirected to the Polish website

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Are you also being redirected when you click on the CURVE.APP link on the Polish Curve website
(‘lub sprawdź więcej na’ apparently means ‘or check more on’) :point_down:t2:?

Yes, I’m being redirected to the polish website again!

And when i click “Download for free” on the bottom of the website, it redirects me to the same website again! I’m only redirected to the english version I click on “pobierz curve” (Download Curve)


Wow, that really is a horrible implementation!

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They should add a button in the top of the page to change to english. It’s the best solution, I think

And that probably is to, right?
Which would most of the time be the wrong website (assuming most of the visitors of the Polish website are living in Poland and not people from the UK on holiday in Poland), since that is the UK one (offering Metal) and not the International one (not offering Metal).

Add the moment that would not work, without any other measures.
Because clicking on that button should lead you to (the International English website), but it would immediately redirect you to

No, it’s for this one:
and if i click on “cards” I can only see Curve Blue and Curve Black

Ok, that at least is a page on the correct website. But what happens when you click on the Curve logo at the top of that page…I guess you are being redirected.

But I also noticed that if you click on “pobierz curve” on an Android mobile phone that page does not open, but the Playstore opens (at the Curve app).

True! But it should be easy to solve it. If they did a translation of this website…or if they did not automatically redirected the users to the polish version

Then I am at, the international version of curve website

Ok, so finally you are not being redirected. We have found a workaround! :tada:

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It still should be fixed. @Curve_Marie Could you forward it to the relevant team?

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Done :slight_smile: