January Launch FAQs



Hi there,

Love look of new metal card, upon activating I realised though it hasn’t allowed me to refresh my selected retailers with 90 day period of discount? All I can see is the legacy blue card options (3) / choices I picked that have expired?

Please advise.



What will happen to my Rewards/Cashback programme?

You’ll stay on your current programme. New customers signing up will have access to the 90 days introductory offer.

We are working on enabling you to spend your Rewards/Cashback points again, this is on the top of our priority list. You will be able earn points in the meanwhile.


I’ve had same issue-



I see that the metal card is branded as world elite which should come with some benefits from mastercard, however when I type in my 6 digits on MC WE website, it’s not really recognised as WE card. Are we going to be able to take advantage of the WE benefits with curve metal card at all?



We’re still waiting for confirmation


I am also having this issue


It is not an issue/bug just check the FAQ in the first post.


I can only see that the rewards balance is unavailable for use. It states that we should still be able to earn the rewards through retailers. Unless I’m missing something.


It says:

"What will happen to my Rewards/Cashback programme?

You’ll stay on your current programme. New customers signing up will have access to the 90 days introductory offer."

So if you are not a new customer (so if you have upgraded from blue or legacy black) and your picks (selected retailers) have expired, they will stay expired.


Yes you still earn your points but Curve App isn’t displaying totals.

I earned some points the other day and told me how many I had earned for that purchase. But does show the points balance.

Known issue but hopefully a fix will be provided soon.


I ordered my Black Card + Tumi exactly 14 days ago and it’s still not been delivered. I’m starting to get a little worried that’s it’s been lost, and it’s extra annoying since they apparently have no Tumi Wallets left if I do need a reshipment.

I’m located in Denmark if it makes any difference. How long did your delivery take?


Sadly I think I’m getting close to deciding the Metal isn’t worth it, with the lack of Amex and my concern that the gadget cover (the two reasons I wanted it) isn’t up to much, can anyone advise how one does it? Send a Support ticket or change subscription? I’ve not activated my Metal Card as yet if that makes any difference. @Curve_Marie any suggestions?


emailing support@curve.app from the email address you signed up to Curve with and request a refund


Mine in Denmark also took a lot, around 20 days I think…


There might still be hope then! When did you order mate?


I ordered on the last 13th of DEC, and I received around 5th of JAN. It was also Christmas in the middle with a lot of workload for post services, but still it was a long wait. A good thing about waiting so much was that, I was so looking forward to have the card that I was reading this forum a lot to learn all the characteristics of Curve and so on, haha!
I hope you receive the card soon, it is so useful! :wink:


Hehe can’t wait! The very sad thing is that if the parcel end up being lost, I probably won’t be able to get the Tumi Wallet in the reshipment. (Apparently they ran out)


What’s reasoning that the gadget cover isn’t up to much?


It’s secondary cover so if you’ve got cover on your home insurance that would also cover the item you’ve got to look to that first, so for me, I’d never be in a position to claim on it.


Hi @Curve_Marie

Once of the main reasons for me joining Curve metal was the lounge access as I travel to my HQ numerous times per year.

In the launch email it clearly states “Lounge access, at over 1000 airport lounges with LoungeKey”.

But I’ve read elsewhere that it is only 60% off? Could you please confirm which it is?

On another note, I understand you will be extremely busy with the Amex issues, but my reward card in the app is still being “upgraded” so i can’t pick my 6 cashback retailers yet, although I received my metal card a week ago.