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To handle what, @noobi78?


So those on Curve Blue beta, who actively upgrade to new Curve Black also get free 6 months? Asking for clarification - question raised in another topic.


Please note the latest update:


So i take it that the trial period will continue to tick down without the Amex support? Ok…

Not sure how i’ll be going about to trial an insurance offer. By getting into accidents in 3 months?? other than that. there really is nothing else to try now… so will be heading back to grandfathered.

I wonder if we will be given a trial period again in the future when Amex do launch.


So if I was to grab a metal subscription and then cancel it and go back to being grandfathered can I still use the metal card?


Nope, they’ll issue you a new non-metal card. Ties in with…


Ah well it was worth a try…


You cant be grandfathered to legacy black if you take a metal subscription regardless. You can downgrade to the current black or blue tiers only.


Actually that’s NOT the case. People that have taken a metal subscription have a 14 day cooling off period by law. So Curve have confirmed that you will indeed be put back on a legacy plan* if you cancel within 28 days, and your subscription refunded. (Oh course your metal card will be cancelled and a black card sent out.)

  • If the customer was on one in the first place before the switch to Metal.


They have confirmed metal can go back to legacy black:


When can we expect an update on what the world elite Mastercard benefits are?
for example will we get access to;



The clock is obviously ticking for people who are trying to decide within the 28-day cooling off period whether to cancel their metal and revert. Key factors for me to be able to make my mind up are:

  • Amex top up availability
  • World Elite MasterCard benefits (boldly engraved on the back of the metal card)
  • Lounge Key benefits (visit cost and limits)

We are all too aware of the issues surrounding the first bullet. But what about the other 2 bullets - both showing as ‘TBD’? You really can’t expect your customers to make an informed choice on the basis of ‘TBD’!!
As shown in the post by @jonty in his reply above on Feb 1, '19 There is a web page where you can enter the first 6 digits of your MasterCard, to be shown the benefits pertaining to your card. As of 10 minutes ago, my Curve metal appears to give me zero World Elite benefits.
Can you give any assurance that we will be in full possession of the facts in time to make a properly evaluated decision within the cooling-off period?


i agree - how can you issue cards with Elite logo on them yet they seem to have no active benefits yet
and how can people sign up for a card where the list of benefits is TBD??!


Hence my question - can legacy black sit on the 3 months ‘free’ of new black AND still upgrade to Metal with 2 free months…

I am not trying to get as much free as possible. I just dont want to pay for features that aren’t quite ready yet - the 2 months free on Metal is an offer for being a black customer from early on, we shouldn’t be penalised for not jumping up to Metal when things aren’t yet ready!


Was wondering when this access would be available, tried emailing a few times over there has been no answer (understandably with the amex situation). I really hope in light of the amex blunder this benefit is not disregarded and delayed. Thank you for any answers


Please note the newest update:


Do you work for Curve? If so it would be better to put that on your forum profile, rather than “curve beta tester”, which suggests you’re just a customer.

If you’re just a customer then your posts are remarkably well aligned with the company!


Hi, I’ve noticed that my available Curve rewards providers haven’t updated since upgrading to Curve metal. Is there a waiting period before they update ?


Posting here as my message to support and via Twitter over the last few weeks have gotten me nowhere other than “thanks for telling us”

I have a temporarily unavailable message on my rewards card meaning I cannot use my earned rewards anymore until this is fixed. This coincided with the last app update which incidentally coincided with the paid Black tier and the Metal card introduction. I’m sure this is no coincidence.

Please can I get an update as to when this will be fixed? I’ve discussed with others I know and they have the same error.


So I know this has been merged, but I’d still like an ETA…this has been your "top priority " for a month now…