January Launch FAQs



Yeah this is why I want to bring it up. It’s a strange wording. Especially as AXA offer winter ski cover and every other competitor to curve offer winter cover it seems that the curve one is pretty poor. Just means I have to pay another £40 on something that should be covered by my curve metal…


Could you please update this answer to clarify that some of the terms are different for black vs metal. According to the terms on curve’s website:

  • Cancellation/curtailment cover is £3000 for black vs £10000 for metal
  • Valuables is £300 for black/£500 for metal
  • Hospital benefit: £60/day black, £100/day metal
  • Hospital benefit: max £600 black, max £1000 metal
  • Delayed departure: £400 black, £500 metal
  • Abandonment: £3000 black, £10000 metal
  • Personal accident: £30k black, £40k metal
  • Baggage cover: metal only
  • Collision damage waiver: metal only
  • Mobile phone damage cover: metal only


Thank you for this. I’ve updated the text, you’re right, there are variations. I can’t list the comparison due to compliance :-/


Thanks :slight_smile:


Is someone able to tell me what happens after the 90 days of 1% Cashback from the six chosen retailers. There is no where that explains it. In the app, it makes out its ‘forever’, but reading on here its actually only 90 days.


New customers can collect points for 90 days as an introductory offer. If you were on the very first Rewards programme you don’t have the time-period cap.


@Curve_Marie. With new customers then, after the 90 days has passed, they receive no rewards or Cashback, am I correct in thinking? As an original rewards member, I will always receive that, even if I upgrade to new black or even metal? Thanks :slight_smile:


Any plan for cashback rewards that don’t have time limit to first 90 days


You are correct on both points :slight_smile:

We do plan on redoing the programmes to bring them together. Not sure how it will look like beyond that.


Any idea what will happen to metal red card when limited edition period passes will it still be issued? What card will be issued after it is discontinued and you have the red card and it expires


Cards are usually good for a few years, so its hard to tell what the future will hold for cards being issued in a few years.


Ok cool. Im pretty lucky then with the rewards. As its a permanent thing and not just 90 days only and then nothing!

What part is the grandfathering part then if upgrading? The black card without the 9.99 subscription? So if I was to move to metal, I would be downgraded to a blue, but still with the original rewards programme? Thanks :slight_smile:


I have the old permanent reward system as well, but I have never used it at any store since I’m outside of the UK :smiley:


This is really unrelated two thoughts/questions, so apologies that it doesn’t fall neatly in one of the forum topics. I’ve done my best to seek answers to these questions before starting a new thread. Here goes:

  1. I realise that Cashback is currently down while the new app and subscription model bed-in, but even before the app update quite a few of my purchases from Cashback shops were not receiving points. Is there anything to do about this now, or is it best to wait until things settle down a bit?

  2. I see in the new January FAQs that Curve is not supporting GBIT for AmEx use. Is Curve trying to include AmEx in GBIT sometime in the future? If not full GBIT functionality, could it someday be possible at least to have it one-way (i.e., GBIT to charge underlying AmEx instead of Visa/MC, or vice versa)?


It’s been a while since I read it but I distinctly remember reading that rewards points have a 6 month expiry, but they have been unavailable for the past 2 months due to being on the beta. Will they be removed after 6 months?

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Both me and my wife have had £9.99 taken from our cards for the first ‘free’ month (beta testers).

When will these be refunded? Support are quiet on this and didn’t even bother to reply to my wife’s ticket! I may need to raise it as chargeback if I don’t get a response as it’s an invalid charge and the support team are ignoring the issue.


Curve has received many emails and it will take some time for them to respond to all of them. Just give them some time.


It looks like the number of emails they are getting is their own fault.

To me, it looks like the roll-out was rushed. They didn’t seek approval from Amex or have in place the free months functionality. Also, rolling out so fast is in violation of their T&C which require 2 months notice to change their payment terms (so technically, removing Amex feature is also a T&C violation…).

It’s not one failure, it’s many, which could have been avoided by not jumping head first into a rushed rollout. It looks, to me, like a company who needed the cash more than ensuring the product was suitable and the need to adhere to their own T&C.

I’ve been a supporter of Curve, but this rollout has been completely botched and rushed, in my opinion.


I believe that I can fulfill its requirements for legacy Black card holder,
even though I didn’t receive any mail (“We’re launching new Curve Black benefits, and Curve Metal is here!”) about it on 28th January.

So wha’t next? Why we don’t have any possibility to handle this in app?