iTunes and App Store


Hello guys :slight_smile:
I am trying to set up my curve for paying my subscription to Apple Music and other shopping in my App Store but I can not make it work… it is displays " this payment method is not valid". Does anyone have the same issue or something?
Thank you forehand


Hello @surfinwaikiki :slight_smile:

@chrisljo had some issues using Curve with Apple as well, but not sure if it was related to the App Store.


Yes, it was related to App Store. I think it is because Curve is seen as UK card, but Apple require it to match my account country.


That would make sense since I am living in Denmark. Then is it possible at all to generate a Curve registered in Denmark? should I contact Customer support for this purpose in that case?
Thank you again, you always helpful :slight_smile:


For Curve to replicate what Revolut does is basicly my ask in that thread, right I don’t they have a solution.


No idea how country specific cards can even be done by a payment processor. I know that you guys say Revolut does it in the other threads, but from my newbie knowledge you would think, that WireCard will only issue cards for Curve users for the UK since Curve is located there.

But honestly I also would love a card listed with EUR as 1st currency / BIN with Germany or any other EUR country.
The reason is simple, many payment systems identify correctly the card as a UK card and always ask me if I want to make the payment in GBP and pay their insane DCC fees when buying anything in Germany or online such as on ryanair.


Did some research and found that we can only issue UK cards for now :confused:


It seems I am not gonna take much of a profit of the cash back with Apple after all…
Thank you for the help anyway…


If I’m not wrong, I think the cashback with Apple is actually purchased made in an Apple Store rather than iTunes Store?

Nice work around… go to an apple store and buy some iTunes gift cards with your Curve! :smile: