Is Curve unique in the market?

What cards do you use and do they recognise topups as purchases or cash?

I use my (Dutch) Creditcard to top up and it is recognised as a purchase (I even get cashback/points for this top up).

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This looked interesting, but I noticed that there’s a limit of card usage of 3 transactions per month, unless you upgrade to a premium subscription of €2.99.

Perhaps that’s the reality…:neutral_face:

I’ve been using Revolut with a UK MBNA credit card.

I just don’t understand how Revolut can afford the charges, unless someone can enlighten me…

Convenience is great - just transfer to my current account!

So far, Lydia had been utterly useless for me.

It turns out they won’t accept a UK driving licence or a Starling bank account statement for verification.

Instead of simply telling me that, the system kept saying my proof of ID had been rejected automatically, so it looked like it was the image quality of my driving licence.

Lydia then finally confirmed I was verified, only to say my proof of address (Starling statement) had then in fact been rejected:

Unfortunately we don’t accept statements from this bank as a proof of residence, could you please send us something else from the list? Thanks in advance

I have managed to add a credit card…

Lydia kindly provided £1 to do a test transfer. I added a UK account, but the transfer has been sat there pending since 12 May.

Support sent me this:

In order to justify the origin of these funds, could you send us a picture of your credit card and of your passport please?

We need the name of the cardholder and the last 4 digits of the card. Please do cover the rest of the details with something.

Your last transfers are pending the time to complete this procedure and your account is temporarily blocked.

Hahaha! The funds were from them…

I’ll see how long it takes to get my account closed…

So, all in all, Curve remains unique as a viable all-cards-in-one product.

Who’s next…:grin:



Just a curiosity… In the world of fintech , does it exist someone else that offers the same product as Curve ?

Ehi @Bionicecho,
Only France has such a thing, but it is not available for the rest of the world.

What is the name of the fintech ?

I think what @Mattia95 is talking about is Max from ‘Credit Mutuel Arkea’.

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