iPhone raffle


If you missed it (I also received a mail on this):


New subscriber counts not meeting expectations then…


Damn, seems like I have to create a Twitter! I truly hate that platform.


Referral program offering an iPhone XS Max, but their own gadget insurance only covers up to £800 and the phone is worth £1099. So you can’t even be fully covered for the phone you win from Curve using Curve’s own Gadget Insurance.

Great job Curve! :roll_eyes:


It’s okay as soon as you open the box it’ll be worth £300 :+1:


You didn’t get the mail?


Nope, didn’t get a mail.


In fairness, the relevant value for the insurance cover is the market value - which reduces dramatically as soon as you start using it.

In my experience with similar policies, it’s actually more likely that the stated maximum value actually just applies to the cost of repair. You’d be very hard pushed to accidentally damage an iPhone XS Max enough to cost £800 in repairs.