Investor Rewards Update

Yes, I meant for the Curve Plastic Investor card. I recall that it will not affect my current Black Legacy card. But it would be nice if someone from Curve’s staff can verify that for me.

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Even not a problem to link the investor card to the right Curve account when they are issued and the Curve and Crowdcube email addresses are different?

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Are you going to tell us when you ship the new cards? Because if I’m abroad at that time, I would like to have my card shipped to another address.
I’m supposing it’s not going to be exactly 6-8 weeks, that’s why I’m asking :sweat_smile:

Just received My Curve water bottle, socks and carrier bag :upside_down_face:

(may have forgot if that’s all the goodies intended)

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Cool! I think you have all that was promised:

(Investor cards will be send later).

Could you share some pictures, please? I prefer a picture of you wearing the socks :wink:.

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Haha, least my Sausage dog approves of them!


Received my Curve Swag kit with thanks

Unless I can return back to Black Legacy thereafter, not interested in the Investor card at all. It’s worth way more than just a piece of metal.

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@Curve_Marie can you confirm whether receiving the Plastic Investor card will render our Black Legacy perks or not?


Plastic Investor card will not remove your legacy black perks.

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Received my Curve Swag package this morning :fu: :fu:

Got my Curve Swag Package - waiting on the investor card email…

That’s great. I’m waiting for the new features. Best of luck, Curve Team. :blush:

What does the red investor card look like, the plastic one?

Saw a load of designs, not sure which one won.


I might just use it as interim for my red metal in meantime / was debating if going from red metal to red interim plastic is worth it, when due metal investor card in future…

I want to keep my Curve Black Card. Don’t want the metal one. Hope there is a way to do that?

Check the opening post… :face_with_monocle:


,very red :rofl: :christmas_tree: :gift: :sunglasses:
( i get that too :innocent: )

merry xmas and happy new year u too

There is a really simple reason. Because I have to re-add my card at least 10 places from PayPal to Amazon. It just doesn’t worth the effort. Would be nice if we could use two cards until the original one expires.

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